Minka Hauschild

Minka is a student of Lama Tsultrim since 2005. Her way in the Dharma started in 1987 with Ayya Khema. Minka is a passionate yoga and meditation teacher for 30 years and a professional painter. Since she was 24 she was a tour guide in Asia, specializing in Buddhist Pilgrimages. For 4 years she lived in Kathmandu where she guided trips following the foot steps of the Buddha and to Tibet and Nepal as well. In Germany she teaches yoga classes, yoga teacher training and meditation retreats and also meditation and art classes in a jail for young offenders. At home she paints her beautiful and powerful paintings. Now she is gaining the certificate for a non-medical practitioner in Psychotherapy. With Lama Tsultrim she participated in all required retreats for the Magyu Lineage, her inner practice is the Namkai Norbu Chod and shamata meditation. She now lives full time in Germany and is studying the Jigme Lingpa Course led by Barbara Staemmler and other classes with Dagmar Lowenkamp.

Authorized to teach:
Feeding your Demons® – Weekend and Daylong courses

Email: Minka@Minka-Hauschild.de
Website: www.Minka-Hauschild.de
Location: Dusseldorf and Frankfurt