Employment Position


Job Title Registrar
Reports to Director of Operations

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Job Purpose

The Registrar is responsible for responding to inquiries and managing registration for retreats and other events. The registrar will advise an interested person in choosing a retreat or program. Informs guests of what to expect, logistics before arrival and be the first point of contact at arrival.  Should be friendly, welcoming, helpful, and a good communicator and problem solver.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Respond to email and phone inquiries in a professional, timely and welcoming manner
  • Check In:  Greets registered guests at the beginning of the retreat or event and has them sign all required waivers, etc.  Hands out equipment, bear gear, etc. For ritual events like Drubchen, loans out Dharma clothing.
  • Communicates with guests about schedule, accommodation and service
  • Organizes Karma Yogi assignments
  • Works closely with Retreat Manager on retreatant needs 
  • Communicates directly with kitchen and housekeeping about guest information
  • Manages website content related to registration information
  • Creates events in booking software with precision and attention to detail
  • Uploads new calendar each year in the fall when new calendar comes out
  • Tracks financials in booking system and communicates directly with bookkeeper regarding payments, payment plans, scholarships, etc.
  • Issues credits for cancellations, or issues refunds when required
  • Willing to learn in detail about products, retreats and programs
  • Manages Magyu and Gateway students activity

Professional Qualifications:

Qualifications include:

  • Similar experience with another organization
  • College degree preferred
  • Experience with retreat or event booking software like Retreat Guru
  • Exceptional customer service experience, including knowing how to diffuse tense situations with members or  retreatants
  • Proficient with Google Suite and Coding or a willingness and capacity to learn
  • Knowledgeable in creating and updating website content and images
  • Outgrowing and able to communicate clearly, confidently and warmly via phone, email and in-person
  • High level of literacy and professional writing skills
  • Team player that is level headed, flexible and compassionate
  • Participates in new program planning and scheduling under direction of Programs Manager


This job requires being available at every on-site registration event. Hours and daily schedule varies. In the non-retreat season months,  this role is performed five days a week from 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Mountain Time. Ideally this job is a residential position. During retreat seasons, schedule varies week to week depending on retreat start days.

Physical Requirements

Must be able to sit for extended periods of time at a computer

Direct Reports

This position does not include any direct reports but does require assigning retreatants to karma yogi duties (45 minute shifts of service per day)

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