Learn Through Service

Employment Opportunities

We have several employment opportunities available. These positions offer the perfect opportunity to integrate work life and Dharma practice in a cohesive way while living in a Dharma community. We invite you to join the Tara Mandala community, offer your services to the Dharma, and deepen your practice on the land!

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Living Dharma Program

The Living Dharma Program is an opportunity for people to practice and study at Tara Mandala for a minimum of 6 weeks, with a one-month mutual discernment process. Tara Mandala strives to create a work, practice and study community that reflects the Buddha’s teachings. Not only do we see our work as essential to our Buddhist practice, we see Buddhist teachings as indispensable to the experience. As such, we seek people who want to be a part of our community, develop and sustain a regular meditation practice, and who have a sincere interest in bringing their Dharma practice off the cushion and into their lives.

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Extended Karma Yoga Program

We understand that committing to a retreat is a large task. With the Extended Karma Yoga Program, we hope to make retreat a possibility for individuals who would like to contribute to Tara Mandala’s dharma activities while also attending retreats and receiving teachings.

The Extended Karma Yoga Program is a unique opportunity, where participants experience the benefits of attending a retreat, while providing service (karma yoga) at Tara Mandala in various areas. The program offers 50% off any retreat in exchange for 5 hours of work per day during the retreat.

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