21 Taras for the 21st Century – 2021
Mar 05

21 Taras for the 21st Century – 2021

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We are glad you are joining us on this journey to befriending fear and compassion.  

May it be of benefit to you and all beings!



Our course will take place over seven weeks.  During this first part, of a two-part program, you will be introduced to the first 12 of the 21 Tārās. Together we will explore each Tara’s symbolic meaning and purpose, and share powerful and inspiring stories about both historic and modern, Buddhist and non-Buddhist women who embody the myriad qualities of the first 12 of the first 21 Taras. Each week has 2 hours of teachings and guided meditations plus the discussion forum and downloadable pdfs.

There are various traditions of meditating on the 21 Taras. The tradition we hold at Tara Mandala and therefore in this course is the Nyingma Terma tradition of Jigme Lingpa.