FAQ: Temple Ceiling Mandala Sponsorship

Q: What order will the mandalas be painted in?

A: As we receive sponsorship for the mandala images, the funds and information will be transferred to Lama Gyurme who will begin working on that piece. He will paint the mandalas in the order they are sponsored waiting to begin work until sponsorship.

Q: How long does it take to paint one mandala?

A: The mandalas vary in their complexity. It will take Lama Gyurme from a few weeks to a few months to paint each mandala depending on how complex the design is. The sponsorship amount of each mandala reflects the number of hours Lama Gyurme has estimated it will take to complete that particular piece.

Q: Can a group of sangha members sponsor one of the mandalas?

A: Yes of course. We simply ask that you organize payment among yourselves and have one member of the group make the payment. We are unable to process multiple payments for one mandala. Upon payment, if each individual in the group would like a tax letter, please email accounts@taramandala.org with the names and amounts sponsored by the members of your group. In the subject of the email, please include “Ceiling Mandala Sponsorship,” the name of your mandala, and “Group Tax Letters”.

For any other questions regarding payment, please email accounts@taramandala.org with “Ceiling Mandalas Question” in the subject line.