Upcoming Magyu Retreats

Upcoming Magyu Retreats 2018

All retreats take place at Tara Mandala Retreat Center in Colorado unless otherwise noted. All Magyu retreats are open to those not in the Magyu Program as long as necessary preliminaries have been completed.

Mahayana (in German only)

October 19 – 25 | Dagmar Löwenkamp – Bavaria, Germany, Seminarzentrum Schloss Wasmuthhausen (Info@schloss-wasmuthhausen.de, www.schloss-wasmuthhausen.de, Sigrun.v.Borcke@t-online.de)  

Feeding your Demons®: Kapala Training Level II (in German only)

October 26 – November 3 | Dr. Barbara Staemmler – Weigenheim, Germany (www.gestalttherapie-staemmler.de)  

Photo credit: Bridget Bailey