Wisdom Rising Circles

Announcing Wisdom Rising Circles!

Wisdom Rising Circles are community gatherings where women (and men) can create the space to have conversations about their experience with the feminine in society using Wisdom Rising by Lama Tsultrim Allione as a guide. Council is an age-old practice that brings community together to be heard, bear witness, share authentically, and be inspired. Participants agree to share personal experiences and stories, rather than opinions, to speak one-at-a-time, and to listen without judgment. The practice of council recognizes everyone as equals and asks for attentive listening and authentic expression.

The Wisdom Rising Circle Syllabus and Guide includes discussion questions, ideas for enhancing your discussion group (practices), and guidelines on how to facilitate a Wisdom Rising Circle. We hope that this guide will enrich your conversations about Wisdom Rising, deepen your connection to the empowered feminine, and benefit you and your community.

If you would like to lead a Wisdom Rising Circle in your area, please fill in your information below to download the free guide and be added to our Circle Leader Community.