Facility Rentals

Tara Mandala Retreat Center Facility Rentals

Tara Mandala Retreat Center offers its space for rent for the following private non-affiliated events with a spiritual, contemplative or spiritual education focus:

  • Group retreats
  • Group meditations
  • Workshops or trainings
  • Group meetings
  • Conference meetings
  • Special receptions
  • QiGong/Yoga/Movement retreats or trainings (modestly attired)

If you would like to book our center, please read the information below and contact us by email akiko@taramandala.org.

Main Meeting Spaces


Nirmanakaya is located in the first floor of our Trikaya Temple. This is a 53 x 50 ft. space that has capacity for 300 people sitting or 110 people if doing yoga or other movement practice. No shoes are permitted. No items are to be removed without permission. A basic sound system is available for an additional fee. No recording device is available, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.



Dharmakaya is located on the third floor of our Trikaya Temple. This is a 29 x 29 ft. space that has capacity for 30 people sitting or 20 people in yoga or movement practice. Shoes are not permitted in this room and no items may be removed without permission. No sound system is available in this floor or recording device, but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.



For any sessions that take place before May 15, only “temple camping” is an option. We offer temple camping during months when it is too cold outside for regular tent camping. Temple camping can accommodate up to 5 people in Dharmakaya if that space is not in use.

Regular tent camping on the land is available from mid-May until approximately the end of September. We have 19 campsites available.

Canvas Tent Cabins

We have 4 canvas tent cabins for single use. These cabins are on wooden platforms. They are available from mid-May until about the end of September.

Prajna Hall

Prajna Double Room

Our dormitory hall has 14 rooms divided in two floors, each with 2 twin beds. Double rooms share baths and toilets located on each floor.

Prajna Queen Room

We have 4 rooms with one Queen bed each. Queen rooms have adjoining bathrooms that are shared with another queen room.

Dorm Yurt Housing

Dorm yurt accommodations are available in two (2) large canvas yurts with 5-8 twin beds in an open, clean communal space.

Catering Services and Karma Yoga

Catering services include three (3) meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), except on the Arrival Date and Departure Dates.
On arrival dates the catering service only includes dinner.
On departure dates the catering service only includes breakfast and lunch.
Catering services are currently priced at $50 per person per day.
Breakfast is served at 8:00am, Lunch at 1:00pm and Dinner at 6:00pm.

Renter and renter’s group are required to participate in karma yoga cleaning activities in our Community Building as well as in the accommodations chosen.

Common Spaces & Amenities

During an event, everyone has access to common areas such as our Community Building, which houses our kitchen and dining room, bathrooms (with showers for those who are camping or in yurts) and our Dakini Store which is open daily and carries Buddhist ritual items, books, clothing and sundries. A complementary tea station is always available in the Temple and hot beverages, toast with spreads and fruit are available twenty-four hours a day in the community building dining room. There are several trails for hiking and outdoor spaces for meditation and rest.

Equipment Available

Tara Mandala can provide the following equipment:

  • Chairs and tables
  • A basic sound system (with an additional fee)
  • Projector
  • Meditation cushions
  • Limited WiFi access (on a case-by-case basis)

Please note: No recording device is available, but you are welcome to bring your own. Loud music which can be heard outside of the temple is not allowed. No speakers are permitted outside of meeting spaces.


Setup and Cleanup

Renter is responsible for all set up and cleanup of the facilities used for an event.

Reservation and Cancellation Policy

A reservation is not guaranteed until a rental agreement is signed and initial deposit payment is made. For more information on cancellation policy, please send an inquiry to akiko@taramandala.org

Rental Pricing

Event Space Rental Pricing

Event Space Capacity Cost/Day
Whole Property Rental of whole property guarantees use of the Temple (Nirmanakaya and/or Dharmakaya); 330 people $600/day
Nirmanakaya 53×50 ft. space; 300 people sitting; 110 people yoga/movement $400/day
Dharmakaya 29×29 ft. space; 30 people sitting; 20 people yoga/movement $300/day
Temple Nirmanakaya and Dharmakaya $500/day

Accommodation Rental Pricing

Lodging Space Cost per person, per day
(max capacity: 20 campsites)
Canvas Tent Cabins (4)
(max capacity: 4 tent cabins, one person per cabin)
Dorm Yurts (2)
(max capacity: Yurt #1: 8 beds, Yurt #2: 5 beds)
Double Room in Prajna
(max capacity: 14 rooms)
Queen Shared-bed in Prajna
(max capacity: 4 rooms)
Queen Single in Prajna
(max capacity: 4 rooms)

*Note: Between mid-September to mid-May, outdoor camping is not available due to cold weather. During that time, Temple Camping may be an option. We have capacity for 5 people to camp when offering Temple camping.

Catering and Additional Fees

Services Fee
Setup Fee (one time) $125
Catering Fee per person, per day $50