Program Overview

The Living Dharma Program

The Living Dharma Program is an opportunity for people to practice and study at Tara Mandala for a minimum of three months, with a one-month mutual discernment process. Tara Mandala strives to create a work, practice and study community that reflects the Buddha’s teachings. Not only do we see our work as essential to our Buddhist practice, we see Buddhist teachings as indispensable to the Living Dharma experience. As such, we seek people who want to be a part of our community, develop and sustain a regular meditation practice, and who have a sincere interest in bringing their Dharma practice off the cushion and into their lives.

Overview of Living Dharma Program

The integration of the Dharma into daily life is the primary goal of the Living Dharma Program.

Living Dharma participants are given the opportunity to apply Buddhist teachings and practices to all aspects of their life and work. Creating such a shift in perspective requires significant effort on the part of the participant, and a supportive practice community will support this work. The foundation for such transformation includes commitment to daily meditative practice, service, a curriculum of Dharma teachings and practices, regular Councils, and the support of a practice community.

Photo credit: Clinton Spence

Participants either camp or stay in shared yurts in summer and are housed in dorms or shared yurts in colder months. Service is scheduled for 25 hours a week. Areas of service include  kitchen, gardening, housekeeping, temple, land crew,  retreat setup, and audio/visual.

Participants are offered a daily group practice opportunities and teachings led by a Tara Mandala Authorized Teacher.

Applications are primarily accepted from May to September during our retreat season.  All participants must make a commitment to fully participate in daily practices, our code of conduct, community events, and Karma Yoga.

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