Oct 06

The 2023 Gratitude Report is Here!

“I’m grateful to the land and the spirits of the land of Tara Mandala, and you for holding the depth of practice that is occurring there and that stretches out from there all around the world.”

~ Lama Tsultrim Allione
We are thrilled to share with you our 2023 Gratitude Report, a heartfelt reflection of the magical and transformative journey we’ve embarked on together.
In this year’s report, you’ll be greeted by Lama’s beautiful artwork on the cover, and discover touching stories, powerful insights, and the profound impact our community has had on individuals and the world.
Take a “sneak peek” of the report in the video below.
Here’s a glimpse into the inspiring content we’ve prepared for you.

A Message From Lama Tsultrim

“There are very few places in the world that are actually dedicated to depth, meditation, and contemplation. And as the world speeds up and catches on fire, we need places of refuge and places of restoration, and we also need deep practice. Because meditation is activism, what occurs at Tara Mandala, in our solitary retreat cabins, and in our group retreats is activism. And although in some ways meditation is doing nothing, the very act of stopping in a world that’s going faster and faster has a big impact and is a revolutionary act.”
~ Lama Tsultrim Allione
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Expanding Our Horizons

In 2022, Tara Mandala quietly launched an online practice community as an experiment to nurture a sense of support, connection, and belonging for our far-flung Sangha. A year later, growing only by word-of-mouth, we have over 1,500 active members. We offer group practice, meditation, and connection to teachers and fellow practitioners. Next year, we will expand and enhance our platform as a benefit for Sustaining Sangha members, enabling us to provide even more content, practice events, and support for your practice.
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Tara Mandala Member Profiles

In this year’s Gratitude Report, we are sharing community members’ inspiring journeys and profound insights. Join us in celebrating the diverse voices that make Tara Mandala so magical!
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A Member Profile with Louise Venetucci
Step into the inspiring practice path of Louise Venetucci, a cherished member of our community featured in this year’s gratitude report. Explore Louise’s personal journey, celebrating her dedication to growth, and her deep connection to our community.
Please enjoy this one-minute video of Louise sharing her gratitude. To watch, click on the video below, or click here »
A Member Profile with Daria Faïn
“All these Dharma practices are opening my heart, my consciousness, and my awareness, which has had a huge impact on my teaching and art … This is what I love about Lama Tsultrim. She can take the rigor of traditional practice and then really go into the unknown, into the light. She can be very intuitive, but it comes from deep knowledge and rigorous experience. Because I’m also very much like that, I deeply appreciate this about Lama Tsultrim.”
~ Daria Faïn, Sustaining Sangha Member
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We hope you enjoy our Gratitude Report. A deep bow to Josh Brownlee for contributing many of the amazing photographs throughout!
We are deeply thankful for your continued support and presence in our community. You make all of this possible!

~ With Boundless Gratitude,
The Tara Mandala Family

Photos: Prayer Flag Ridge (Lopön Ellen Booth Church), Daria (J. Brownlee)
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