Ways to Give

Your Support Is Meaningful

Tara Mandala strives to widen the path for deep and daily Buddhist practice to flourish. Integrating the timeless wisdom of the ancients with modern insights, we empower the balance of the sacred feminine and sacred masculine, fostering harmony in our contemporary world. These pathways are forged together with the support of Tara Mandala’s Global Sangha, thousands of dedicated Dharma practitioners from across the world, and anchored by our retreat center in Colorado which holds the Dharma in its sacred land.

We rely on the generosity of our Sangha and donors to bring Lama Tsultrim’s vision to life. Your support allows Tara Mandala to offer retreats and scholarships, develop new programs, translate ancient texts, evolve to meet the changing needs of our Sangha, and continue to be a beacon of light for Buddhism..

The Offering Bowl

Giving to the The Offering Bowl provides essential support for the annual fund, ensuring Tara Mandala remains a refuge for deep practice and study, transforming ancient teachings into accessible, contemporary wisdom practices.


Sustaining Sangha Membership

Sustaining Sangha is a community bursting with connections, offering practice groups, access to archival teachings, discounts on programs, the Dakini Store and more! It’s our vital monthly giving initiative, the lifeblood ensuring Tara Mandala’s presence in the world remains steadfast. We are deeply grateful for our Sustaining Sangha members and welcome new members to join this fellowship of support. If you are not already part of Sustaining Sangha, we invite you to become a member of our flourishing community at a level that feels right for you. Explore Sustaining Sangha Membership


Prayer Requests & Zhitro Requests 

Community practice illuminates the Tara Temple every day as we offer prayers for the benefit of all sentient beings and include special prayer requests from our sangha. We invite you to add your aspirations and prayer requests for your loved ones. If your loved one has recently passed, you can sponsor Zhitro practice, where our community will practice for the traditional 49 days after the date of their passing to support them in their transition.

Special Day Dedications

During Buddhist holidays, major life events, and any time that feels right – you can sponsor butterlamps, prayer flags, flowers for the Tara statues, and tsog offerings.

Butterlamp Offerings brighten the Tara Temple bringing light to your virtuous aspirations, including starting a new venture, celebrating birthdays or special occasions, increasing the positive energy of any action or prayer. 

Prayer Flags inscribed with prayers and mantras flutter atop Prayer Flag Ridge carrying blessings, harmony and good wishes on the wind and can be sponsored on behalf of yourself, a loved one, or a world situation. 

Flower Dedications allow you to adorn your choice of one of the 21 Taras in the Tara Temple. These offerings create an auspicious connection with Tara and her healing energy, with the richness of the sensual qualities of texture, color, fragrance, and softness that flowers invoke.

Sponsoring a Tsog provides great merit. Our weekly tsog is a profound practice for purifying negativities, accumulating merit, and strengthening one’s spiritual connection with the enlightened beings and fellow practitioners.

Legacy Circle & Endowment Fund

The Lama Tsultrim Allione Legacy Circle is for those who have intertwined their own legacy with that of Tara Mandala ensuring that wisdom and compassion endure for future generations by including a gift in their will. You can learn more or express your interest to join the Lama Tsultrim Allione Legacy Circle today. 

Contribute to the future of Tara Mandala through our Endowment Fund in honor of David Petit, Tara Mandala co-founder and Lama Tsultrim Allione’s late husband.  The David Petit Sustainability Fund provides long-term financial stability, ensuring that the great benefit of Tara Mandala remains steadfast for generations to come.

Tara Temple, Library, Monastic Support

The vibrant aspirations and expansive scope of Tara Mandala’s activities are supported and highlighted in our dynamic ongoing projects…

Tara Thangka sponsorship establishes a profound link with the Tara Temple and the compelling, exquisite energy embodied in a unique thangka adorned with 1,000 hand painted Green Taras.  Your sponsorship of one of these Taras supports the Trikaya Tara Temple restoration, Tara Mandala operations and essential projects.  Dedicate a Tara in honor of a loved one, a vast aspiration, for a challenging situation, or all sentient beings.

Ceiling Mandalas grace the first floor of the Tara Temple, each holding a special Dzogchen meaning. Of the 29 mandalas, only 6 remain can be sponsored individually or in groups, creating a marvelous interdependent connection with Tara Mandala

Text Translations are crucial for disseminating the profound teachings of Buddhism to global audiences. The current Dzinpa Rangdrol

Translation and Transcription Project allows scholars to uncover the exceedingly profound teachings contained with the Dzinpa Rangdrol lineage that is held at Tara Mandala. 

Monastic Support is designed for individuals who commit their lives to upholding and perpetuating the Buddha’s teachings. The Gomchens Fund supports lay monks and women practitioners at Druk Zangri Khamar Monastery, the main seat of Khandro Machig Labdrön in Bhutan and preserves the practice of the sacred Chod Lineage.

Tara Mandala’s 30th Anniversary

Wow, Tara Mandala is commemorating 30 years of wisdom and compassion! Your support helps our global practice community and retreat center continue to flourish and grow. Honor Lama Tsultrim’s visionary legacy by making a gift that will sustain and nurture beings for the next 30 years and beyond.


Tara’s Pure Land

The sacred land of Tara Mandala embraces practitioners on the path throughout the arc of life, offering teachings, practice support, and is working to further meet the needs of our Sangha after the time of death with traditional cremation ceremonies and a columbarium to hold ashes of the deceased.



Tara Mandala is committed to expanding opportunities for students to access Buddhist teachings and practices. The Evada Scholarship Fund aids community members facing financial constraints, ensuring their ability to participate in specific retreats they might otherwise be unable to attend. The Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Scholarship Fund offers support to people of color and/or those who are underrepresented due to their gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, social class, and ethnicity and those in need of financial support.



The practice of offering dana, which is a Pali and Sanskrit term that means “generosity,” dates back 2600 years in Buddhist history. It is a traditional offering from student to teacher and a symbol of appreciation, gratitude, and reciprocity for receiving the precious teachings.


Other Ways to Give

Explore other ways to give to Tara Mandala, including becoming a Matching Donor, giving through Employer Match, Donating Stocks and Appreciated Securities, or creating a Facebook fundraiser. 

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to our team here.