Magyu: The Mother Lineage

“Mind — free of arising, ceasing, or abiding — is great emptiness. Like the center of space or the inherent lack of real existence, it is free of all limitations.”

~Machig Labdrön

Magyu: The Mother Lineage program is a Dharmic path for the modern practitioner in the lineage of Machig Labdrön and Lama Tsultrim Allione. In Magyu, Vajrayana Buddhist training comes to life in an engaged, flexible, transformative cycle of study and meditation that is imbued with the wisdom of the sacred feminine.


  • Learning and Study: Learn and study through in-person retreats and online programs within a flexible sequence of progressive levels of training.


  • Formal Meditation Practice: Develop a daily meditation practice and integrate personal retreat into daily life with ongoing mentorship and guidance.


  • Personal Transformation: Integrate personal transformation work into formal Dharma practice and align spiritual, psychological, and emotional development.


  • Connection to Community: Become a member of a vibrant community or Sangha with gatherings, mentorship, practice and support groups in the Tara Mandala Network.

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