Sep 05

Celebrating 25 Years – Final Retreats

Free Tara Mandala notebook and prayer flags with every retreat registration. Celebrating our twenty-fifth anniversary, we are offering a free gift with every retreat registration until the end of 2019. Have you visited the land this year for our twenty-fifth year? There's still time to…
Aug 26

Call To Practice: 12th Tara for Amazon Fires

CALL TO ACTION: Fires have been burning in the Amazon rainforest. Let’s come together and recite the mantra of 12th Tara Tashi Dönjé, focusing on alleviating these fires devastating Brazil and Bolivia right now! Tashi Dönjé accomplishes Auspiciousness, Brings Timely Seasons, and Brings Harmony to the…
Aug 17
Aug 14
Jul 30
Jul 27
Jul 23
Jul 17

Aspects of Drubchen, August 1-10

Our annual White Dakini Drubchen provides practitioners a multi-faceted, ultimate experience of Tibetan Buddhist practice. This ceremony engages all our senses in perceiving the outer world, to support and strengthen…
Jun 17