May 25
Apr 01

Connection In The Time of Coronavirus

By Lopön Beth Lee-Herbert We find ourselves in an unprecedented time. Coronavirus has swept our world, and the anxiety and panic is palpable. It is changing our lives, and even more frighteningly, the global order. There is no place immune, and to protect each other we are committing to stay…
Mar 10

Meant For You

This skin that you're in, sun-baked and sensuous, a perfect, illustrious outline of the spirit that calls each cell, each wrinkle, crack, dimple, freckle, every heartbeat home. This mind that you find wild and unnerving most of the time, a wonder that becomes and beholds the beautiful and boisterous elaborate…
Mar 10

Rebranding Beautiful

It was an ordinary morning, many years ago. My daughter, Lilli, and I were in the bathroom brushing teeth, fixing hair, getting dressed, just as we had always done. With a sudden jump of awe, Lilli caught my gaze in the mirror that was reflecting our details. Her voice, breaking…
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