Long-Term Study Pathways

Long-Term Study Pathways

Tara Mandala has immersive long-term training paths that invite you to develop a daily meditation practice and move through a series of Vajrayana Buddhist practices to deepen insight and self-awareness. You can also receive comprehensive training to integrate unique psychotherapeutic methods distilled from Buddhist practice and developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione.


Feeding Your Demons® is an accessible and effective approach for dealing with negative emotions, fears, illnesses, and self-defeating patterns. It was distilled by Lama Tsultrim Allione from the teachings and practice of the 11th-century Tibetan yogini Machig Labdrön. Feeding Your Demons® has benefited thousands worldwide, with practitioners from every walk of life on five continents. The work transcends spiritual constructs, serving as a meaningful tool for anybody, regardless of religious affiliation or personal philosophy.

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The Magyu Program is an invaluable opportunity to cultivate spiritual and emotional awakening, integrating ancient Tibetan Buddhist practices with modern teachings. The psycho-spiritual integration work in this path inherently distinguishes it from other traditional Buddhist paths. The Magyu Program is a path of personal development and individuation, as well as a path of spiritual evolution leading to the stabilization of the recognition of the ground of being and its display.

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The terma cycle on the Luminous Heart Essence of the Great Perfection, the Ösel Dzogpa Chenpo Nyingtig, is the very enlightened intent of the Buddhas of the three times. This treasure carries incredible blessings for swiftly traversing the path to enlightenment. This extraordinary cycle connects us not only with the luminous presence of Guru Rinpoche, but also with Yeshe Tsogyal. The Ösel Nyingtig is a multi-year program if you are a dedicated practitioner that is looking for a profound and direct path to realization based on the three-fold secret of the Great Mother.

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Established by Tulku Sang-ngag Rinpoche and Lama Tsultrim Allione, the focus of the Gateway Program is the Dzinpa Rangdröl (Self Liberation of Clinging) terma cycle of teaching that Machig Labdrön and Padampa Sangye revealed to Do Khyentse Yeshe Dorje (1800-1866). It is an extremely unique lineage as it combines the teachings of Machig Labdrön with Dzogchen (Great Perfection) teachings. If you are a dedicated practitioner who cannot do long-term retreat but who wishes to live a life imbued with intense practice, this is a program for you. The curriculum consists of all the practices done in the traditional Vajrayana three-year solitary retreat but is adapted for the modern practitioner living in the world.

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The Wisdom Rising Mandala Training Program offers an exploration of the ancient Buddhist template of the mandala as it applies to our inner path of transformation and our outer experience in the world. As a sacred geography, the mandala creates the framework to move from fragmentation to wholeness. In the Mandala Training, you will learn a contemporary application of the mandala practice and principles. You will learn about each of the five buddha families, and explore experientially the divine feminine, masculine, and union of both feminine and masculine aspects of our psyche.

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