Aug 26

Call To Practice: 12th Tara for Amazon Fires

CALL TO ACTION: Fires have been burning in the Amazon rainforest. Let’s come together and recite the mantra of 12th Tara Tashi Dönjé, focusing on alleviating these fires devastating Brazil and Bolivia right now!

Tashi Dönjé accomplishes Auspiciousness, Brings Timely Seasons, and Brings Harmony to the Land.

Her mantra is:

Visualize yourself as the golden-colored Tashi Donje hovering over the Amazon raining down blessings as water, and those blessing spreading to the entire world.

Please post the mantras you accumulate in the COMMENTS of the Facebook post at this link (click here). with the hashtags #prayforAmazon #meditationforAmazon.

Or if you cannot post to Facebook, please email your accumulations to us on this page.

For more about the 12th Tara, click here.

Please also share this post!

Thank you for your practice. The Tara Mandala community shall be practicing with you. We shall keep you updated with the situation and the mantra count. May all beings benefit!

~ Deep Gratitude, Tara Mandala.


12th Tara photos from Tara Mandala by Alan Kozlowski.

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