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Sharing the Member Profiles from Our Community

Explore the member profiles of our dear sangha members as they navigate the complexities of modern life through the lens of Buddhism. Join us on a journey through the transformative experiences and insights of Kamala Woods, Daria Faïn, Louise Venetucci, Keegan Jack, Juanita Brigid McCarron, and Moses Mohan.

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“Navigating Modern Life with Buddhism: Insights from Young Practitioners”

Cady Allione Interviews Kamala Woods

Kamala Woods offers to us a unique perspective as a second-generation Buddhist practitioner in a shared interview with Keegan Jack. Read the full story here »

“Because we live in the times that we live in, our connection to the sacred and spiritual has been lost.  I think that’s one of the reasons why people feel so lost because as a culture, we’ve lost our connection to [our lineage]. But I feel that now it can be found through nature. It can be found through art and cultivating inner awareness. I don’t know if I would have been drawn to it if I wasn’t raised in it. I would probably find it somewhere else, honestly, if it wasn’t in my childhood.” ~ Kamala Woods, Second Generation Sangha Member

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“Going Into the Light”

A Practitioner Profile with Daria Faïn

Explore Daria’s unique odyssey into Dharma practice, beginning with a mysterious connection sparked by a chance encounter in a Daoist center. Daria’s story unfolds as she delves into the profound energy of Tara Mandala, her deepening relationship with Lama Tsultrim, and her transformative experiences in the world of Tibetan Buddhism. Read the full story here »

“All these Dharma practices are opening my heart, my consciousness, and my awareness, which has had a huge impact on my teaching and art. Even now, I feel like it’s still slowly coming out and through me, and I don’t know where it is all going yet. It’s just a process. This is what I love about Lama Tsultrim. She can take the rigor of traditional practice and then really go into the unknown, into the light. She can be very intuitive, but it comes from deep knowledge and rigorous experience. Because I’m also very much like that, I deeply appreciate this about Lama Tsultrim.” ~ Daria Faïn

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“A Journey of Gratitude”

Louise Shares Her Intimate Stories

Step into the inspiring journey of Louise Venetucci, a cherished member of our community. Explore her personal journey, celebrating her dedication to growth, and her deep connection to our community. Read the full story here »

“I love getting up in the morning and doing the Open Sit meditation. It is so important for me. I didn’t know it would be so important, but it is! It may be only eight or nine people, but more people are coming every morning. It’s a blessing and I’m so grateful. It’s also a very touching experience and a wonderful way for a lot of us who can’t travel to feel connected to Tara Mandala.”  ~ Louise Venetucci, Sustaining Sangha Member

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“Navigating Modern Life with Buddhism: Insights from Young Practitioners”

Cady Allione Interviews Keegan Jack

Today, Keegan’s spiritual explorations extend beyond Buddhism, as he delves into various religious traditions, patterns, and stories, in a shared interview with Kamala Woods. He finds a harmonious blend of spirituality and academia in his studies, fostering a unique and enriching worldview. Read the full story here »

“We’re living in a time now where for the first time ever, especially for U.S. Americans, we have, at the very least, kind of academic, intellectual access to almost every spiritual tradition that exists in the world. That can be really overwhelming, I think. It also, for a lot of people, means we kind of remain in this wandering position. I guess just one piece of advice that I would offer is that I don’t think that Dharma has to be Buddhist Dharma. I think that people should feel free to find it in the places that they need.” ~ Keegan Jack, Second Generation Sangha Member

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“Seeing Myself In Buddhism”

Robert Thomas interviews Juanita Brigid McCarron

Discover how Juanita’s life’s experiences, both personal and professional, have converged into a profound connection with Vajrayana Buddhism. Juanita’s heartfelt exploration is a testament to the transformative power of the sacred feminine and the unwavering guidance of Lama Tsultrim. Read the full story here »

“I didn’t know that it’s what I’ve been looking for my entire life, but it’s what I’ve been looking for my entire life. The profundity, the simplicity, the fact that Yeshe Tsogyal is the central character, the central deity to whom you do prostrations. It incorporates all the things that I’d felt so deeply in my being, like in my cellular structure from my grandfather, from being a kid hearing all about the divine mother and the nature of that. And form is emptiness, emptiness is form. What does that even mean? And in a way that I can’t quite articulate, it’s her, Prajnaparamita. It is the womb of the great mother.” ~ Juanita Brigid McCarron

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“Reflections on my Journey to Bhutan”

By Moses Mohan

Join us on a profound exploration of Moses Mohan’s pilgrimage to Bhutan, that deepened his connection to the sacred land and its blessings. Moses’s journey is demonstrates the transformative power of Dharma practice and the profound impact of sacred wisdom on the human spirit. Read the full story here »

“The community of Druk Zangri Kamar, Machig Labdrön’s seat in Bhutan, has been a great source of inspiration. I had read of Tantric Buddhist communities of practice in books, but they often felt more like fiction than reality. But in Druk Zangri Kamar, I got to experience a living community of tantric Buddhist practitioners: lay and monastic; women and men; old and young living and practicing in harmony. I am sure they have their challenges, but to see in the main temple gomchenmas, female lay tantric practitioners, seated in the first row co-leading practices deeply moved and inspired me.” ~ Moses Mohan

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