Feb 06

Letter from Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje

Hello all,

I am writing to introduce myself and my family to those that may not yet know us and extend a greeting to those that do. My name is Ösel Dorje, and as many of you may know I am Lama Tsultrim’s son which means I have had the great fortune of being involved in the dharma since birth.

During my 20’s I spent several years in extended solitary retreat in a cabin at Tara Mandala and did several pilgrimages throughout Asia, practicing in caves and power places. I have now returned to Tara Mandala after spending almost 10 years abroad. My time spent away was fruitful in many ways. I started a family with my wife Cady (who some of you may know as a former Executive Director of Tara Mandala), and am the father to two sons; Bodhi Archer and Jalu Dorje. While in Nepal we lived next to the Great Stupa of Boudhanath for 7 years and studied Buddhist philosophy. I received a Master’s degree in Buddhist Studies in 2018.
In 2019, I was enthroned by Lama Tsultrim as the Dorje Gyalsab (Varje Regent) of Tara Mandala and in 2020 Lama Tsultrim and I began to teach A.dzom Rinpoche’s termas of the Ösel Nyingtig cycle. This homecoming is deeply felt by myself and my family. We are happy to be ‘back on the land’ and engaging with the community and the wider sangha in meaningful ways. I have taken the position of Resident Teacher with the aspiration to use what wisdom I have gained to support Tara Mandala and bring benefit where I am able. I will be holding regular office hours and be available for interviews and retreat support. A calendar link will be shared which will make it possible for sangha members to schedule these times directly.

Photo: Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje and Family in Costa Rica (January, 2022)

My path of practice has focused mainly on the termas of A.dzom Paylo Rinpoche and the teachings of chöd. While in this position I hope to share the teachings I have received and practiced over the years, continuing to support Lama Tsultrim’s lineage, and inspire others to follow the ideal of the scholar practitioner.

Wishing you all the best.

Tulku Ösel Dorje

Photos: Header (J. Brownlee), family photos (Lama Tsultrim Allione)

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