Mar 01

2022 Women’s History Month

Happy Women’s History Month!

For Women’s History Month, the EDI Council has partnered with the Dakini Store Staff to offer a daily calendar of Buddhist books written by women.  The focus and intention is to share a breadth of offerings by subject and tradition.  We celebrate the diverse voices of women in Buddhism this month and all year.  As an organization, we are devoted to elevating the Sacred Feminine in the world.  These extraordinary authors and books are an amazing gift to Buddhism.  In many cases, these authors are giving voice to women teachers, lamas, tertons, and practitioners whose stories have never been told before.  We invite you to explore the biographies, stories, history, academic texts, translations about and/or by women not only participating in Buddhism, but shaping it, guiding it, carrying on the tradition, and enriching sangha!

Like an advent calendar, each day of this month of March, a new title will be revealed to you for your enjoyment!  Just keep this page open on your browser and enjoy!


Please note that some of these titles are available through our Dakini Store as noted.  We encourage you to consider supporting Tara Mandala by making your book purchases through our online store and sharing this daily book calendar with others.

Happy Reading!

Aisha Brion
Dakini Store Staff
And The EDI Council

Photos: Header (Deborah Howe)

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