Alejandra Siroka, M.A.

Alejandra Siroka is a truth seeker who has devoted her life to the study of language and communication. She believes that developing conscious skills with our language and communication is an essential spiritual practice in the path of awakening. Alejandra founded Language Alchemy™, a transformative process that allows individuals, couples and groups speak their truth with compassion and power while developing thriving human relationships. You can learn more about her at www.languagealchemy.com.


Events with Alejandra Siroka, M.A.

Wisdom Rising: Awakening the Empowered Feminine in Her Diverse Forms
May 3, 2019

You have engaged in mindfulness practices and enjoyed a deep level of self-connection, yet you find it challenging to apply your inner experiences on the cushion into the current daily expressions of divisiveness, bigotry and violence in our world. You may feel emotions ranging from anger and frustration to powerlessness…