Susan Glumac

Susan’s spiritual journey began in 1976 after she found herself living next to Paramahansa Yogananda’s hermitage. She experienced a strong connection with him and became a dedicated yogini while pioneering the use of Eastern healing modalities in her careers as a physical therapist and ergonomist. She encountered and began pursuing the dharma in 2004 after attending a yoga retreat in Sri Lanka where she woke each morning to the Heart Sutra being chanted at the neighboring monastery.  Throughout her life she has had the good fortune to study with and be guided by a vast array of visionary Eastern and Western teachers and teachings. She counts Thich Nhat Hanh, Tulku Sang-Ngag Rinpoche, Dr Motoyama, and Buckminster Fuller as some of her more influential guides. Upon meeting Lama Tsultrim and Prajnaparamita at an Esalen retreat in 2008 she knew immediately that she had found her teacher and path. Immersed in the Magyu and Gateway programs and the Teachers Training path at Tara Mandala since their inception in 2012, she is currently completing her first ngondro and staying open to the bliss emptiness in her life as an Ergonomist, San Diego Tara Mandala Sangha leader, Certified Feeding Your Demons® Facilitator, and caretaker for her one-acre garden in Encinitas, California.

Email: sueglu@cox.net
Location: Encinitas, California