Christine Ho

Christine (Kunzang Khandro) fell head first into the deep pools of the Dharma when she met Lama Tsultrim and Chod in 1996. She took refuge with Lama Tsultrim and has received many teachings and blessings from her, such as the chod, FYD, and dakini practices, as well as the ngondros (foundational practices) of the longchen nyingthig and dzinpa rangdrol lineages. Christine is currently in the Complete Transmission group of the Gateway program and the Magyu pathway. Along with Lama Tsultrim, her main teachers have included Adzom Paylo Rinpoche, Arjia Gyatso Rinpoche, and Tulku Sang-Ngak Rinpoche. She held the sanghas for Tara Mandala West and Adzom Rinpoche for many years in the SF bay area. Christine studied Art and Biophysics many decades ago, but works now in international public health as a medical doctor and epidemiologist. She spends her time between Atlanta, Georgia and India. Deep pilgrimage and wild practice in nature are some of her favorite ways to spend time.

Email: christinesho@netscape.net 
Location: Decatur, Georgia