Rhonda LoPresti


As an End of Life Coach, Rhonda is passionate in holding and creating sacred space, personal ritual, spiritual practice and creative choices through dying and deathcare. She believes we can learn to die and in learning to die we actually awaken to life itself.  In serving the dying and grieving, Rhonda favors conversations in the art of saying good-bye, exploring what death asks of us and deserves, how to prepare oneself consciously for the dying process, the compassionate merits of in-home family directed funerals, green burial awareness, and the welcoming and witnessing of grief.

Founder of Peacefully Prepared, Rhonda has evolved a Spiritual Care Directive for Buddhists.  This 10-part signature process guides clients in planning out their end of life practice from their Dharma Vision all the way through to the 49 Days following death.  Rhonda also encourages end of life wishes and planning in her 5 chapter notebook called a Passing Plan. Rhonda sees these spiritual and practical processes as an act of self-love in preparing for end of life and an act of kindness to ease the grief and stress loved ones.  She is continuously serving and raising awareness about the home funeral option where we can apply our spiritual practices and create auspicious conditions at the time of death.  Having performed home funerals for her own family as well as clients, Rhonda is able to guide and provide resources for this treasured process.

A student of Tibetan Buddhism, Rhonda has studied under Chokyi Nyima Rinpoche for 35 years and serves as a Board and Volunteer Member for Rangjung Yeshe Gomde California (RYG CA).  She has the honor of developing a dying and death program for its community of practitioners and gives group talks annually.  She also enjoys the work of Stephen Jenkinson, as well as Andrew Holecek and is currently in Holecek’s 4 part program Graceful Exits.  She regularly retreats for teachings on Phowa and how to navigate the bardos.   

In her own life, Rhonda has had the sacred privilege of witnessing her own family members through the dying process, including her mother and father, as well as grandparents, friends and clients.

A native resident of San Diego, California, she lives life to the fullest with her husband and two children.

Degrees and Certifications

End of Life Coach, ICF PCC candidate from Coaching at End of Life
Certified Life Coach, NLP Practitioner and Clinical Hypnotherapist with Bennet Stellar
Soul Centered Living from University of Santa Monica
Holistic Health Practitioner for 30 years
BA in Psychology/Philosophy from Scripps College, Claremont, CA
Founder and Director of Holistixs of San Diego, a healing arts center, for 22 years
A Tibetan Buddhist practitioner for 35 years

Services Provided through

Zoom conferencing
In-Person in San Diego

“My sincerest wish in our time together is that we feel safely connected, open, curious and encouraged to welcome all thoughts and feelings.  May our loving awareness naturally recognize its own wholeness, peace and purpose for the benefit of all beings.”    – Rhonda LoPresti

Events with Rhonda LoPresti

Writing your Spiritual Care Directive Intensive: 1-Day Workshop (online)
July 6, 2024

Writing your Spiritual Care Directive Intensive 1 Day Workshop Live Online Group Session  * * * THIS IS A ONE DAY CONDENSED VERSION OF AN 8-WEEK PROGRAM * * *  This interactive group study will be presented from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, inviting a unique conversation and exploration in planning…

Writing Your Spiritual Care Directive - A Buddhist Plan for the Time of Dying (online)
September 16 - November 8, 2024

This 8-week online course and interactive group study will be presented from a Tibetan Buddhist perspective, inviting a unique conversation and exploration in planning and training as a practitioner for the time of dying. Using a 10-part comprehensive template, called a Spiritual Care Directive, we will start with creating a…