Miranda Shaw

Miranda Shaw, Ph.D., Harvard University, is a Buddhist scholar known for her inspiring and groundbreaking work on women in Vajrayana Buddhism, chronicled in her renowned book Passionate Enlightenment, which has been translated into seven languages. She is also the author of Buddhist Goddesses of India, a thorough and fascinating historic and iconographical study based on extensive research and deep engagement with the feminine divine. Dr. Shaw is currently completing a companion volume, Buddhist Goddesses of Tibet and Nepal, and writing a book on Vajrayana dance to be titled Dancing Enlightenment: Tantric Buddhist Dance of Nepal.  She is Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at the University of Richmond and continues to explore and convey her discoveries about the profound sacred arts and embodied spiritual practices of Himalayan Buddhism.



Events with Miranda Shaw

Women as Living Goddesses in Vajrayana Settings - Christina Monson Memorial Lecture Series (online)
August 17, 2024

Tara Mandala warmly invites you to join us for an insightful discussion with Professor Miranda Shaw as she shares her findings of the myriad ways women are regarded, treated, and celebrated as living goddesses in Vajrayana settings.  Her lecture will include a slide presentation drawing on her extensive fieldwork in…