Jetthe Fabioola

Jetthe Fabioola, Jungian-oriented psychotherapist, meditation teacher, mentor and supervisor MA. Longtime student of Lama Tsultrim, teaching Feeding Your Demons, Prajna Paramita and The Mandala in Scandinavia, Europe and Africa. Certified FYD therapist. Jethhe has a passion for Lama Tsultrim’s practices as uniquely creative ways of bringing personal work into the spiritual container, making it possible to walk the talk about compassion and wisdom. Apart from dreamwork she knows of no other practices that so safely lead to the depth of the psyche and back again, allowing the practitioner to explore and transform archetypal patterns, and end up in the Nature Of Mind, the open non-judgemental awareness. Just like dreams, she sees these practices leading to healthy versions of our inherent altruistic tendency; owning our shadow and having compassion not only for others but also for ourselves. Her favorite moment as a teacher is when the students are deeply engaged in each other. Present, talking, listening, open, trustful. Then she feels happily redundant. She has meditated in different traditions for the past 30 years and worked with dreams for just as many. She started off as an anthropologist specializing in dreams and culture, then one thing led to the other, and now she is bridging therapy and meditation; in her heart she is always the curious anthropologist. Her private practice is in Copenhagen, but she also offer skype sessions, often but not only Feeding Your Demons® and Dream work.


Authorized to Teach:
Feeding Your Demons®


Contact: Jetthe.Fabioola@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mindfuldreaming.org/
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark