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Teacher Spotlight: H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche

We are grateful to share the upcoming virtual teachings with H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche on The Heart Treasure of The Enlightened Ones: The Practice of View, Meditation, and Conduct from October 7 to November 25.

Please enjoy this “Teacher Spotlight” blog post on H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche. We look forward to welcoming you for this heart-warming dive into Dzogchen, resting in the perfection that exists here and now. To learn more, read below, or click here.

H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche comes from an unusual yak-herding family with 7 sons, 5 of which have been recognized as tulkus. He is the third son, and second tulku of the family. He was born in Bhamarpo in Bhutan, very close to the sacred three-peaked mountain of Gangkharpunsum, which represents Manjushri, Avalokiteshvari, and Vajrapani. At the time of his birth, many miraculous displays were evident, such as his house being surrounded by rainbows, the nearby black river Dhur turning milky white, and his umbilical cord covering him in the shape of a vajra.

When he was six years old, Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche recognized his older brother Adzom Gyalse as a tulku and also took him along. Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche announced that the young boy would himself announce who his previous incarnation was in a week. In that time frame, he was able to recognize the personal items of his previous incarnation. He then was ordained as a monk by Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and studied at Shechen monastery in Nepal for 5 years. He was enthroned as the 3rd mind reincarnation of Trulzhik Do Ngak Lingpa by HH Penor Rinpoche at Bodh Gaya, India during the Nyingma Monlam when he was 14. He then studied at Namdroling Institute in Mysore, South India, where he topped his class and received his Geshe degree.

Please enjoy this short video from previous teachings with Rinpoche, talking about having faith.

He was the chief abbot of Tharpaling monastery in Bumthang, Bhutan, the seat of Kunkhen Longchenpa, where Longchenpa composed The Seven Treasuries. The Longchen Nyingthig, or Vast Expanse of the Heart Essence, is the most famous Nyingma practice that lays the path for a practitioner from ngöndro, or foundational practices, to Dzogchen, or the teachings on the Great Perfection. It has been H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche’s mission to preserve the Longchen Nyingthig teachings and practices in this modern age.

H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche is the founder of Dhyana, a non-profit organization in Bhutan, which aims to bring the practice of meditation to people from all walks of life, in order to relieve depression, anxiety, and other modern day afflictions. He has been teaching all over the world in Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Germany, Australia, and the U.S. in order to benefit sentient beings.

The Heart Treasure of The Enlightened Ones: The Practice of View, Meditation, and Conduct

With H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche • October 7 – November 25

The Tara Mandala community is grateful to announce that H.E. Chung Tulku Rinpoche will teach on The Heart Treasure of The Enlightened Ones, a text written in verse by Patrul Rinpoche that affirms his unsurpassed realization of the view, meditation, and conduct of Dzogchen. Patrul Rinpoche, Orgyen Jigme Chökyi Wangpo (1808–1887), was a wandering practitioner in the ancient tradition of vagabond renunciants, and became one of the most revered spiritual teachers in Tibetan Buddhism … Read more »

We look forward to sharing this opportunity with you, exploring this classic text deeper with a precious master.

~With Blessings,
Tara Mandala

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