Sep 16

Tara Mandala Founders Day

On September 18 we celebrate Tara Mandala Founders Day. On this day, in 1993, Lama Tsultrim Allione and her late husband, David Petit, found the 700-acres of land that became Tara Mandala Retreat Center, in Pagosa Springs, Colorado.

Lama Tsultrim’s initial vision was for a retreat center in the West where practitioners could achieve the depths of meditation that was achieved in ancient Tibet, and the interface between Western psychology and Buddhism could be explored. Starting with little more than Lama Tsultrim’s vision which began in the early 1970s when she was a Buddhist nun, her vision of the dharma center was realized through her and David’s perseverance, hard work, and love and devotion.

Since these beginnings, 1000s of students have continued to be drawn to the land in Colorado. Recently, our online programs and virtual retreats have served several thousand new students during the Covid pandemic. Today there are more than 40 Global Sanghas in nine countries. These local practice groups offer teachings, online offerings, local practice sessions, and individual support. Groups are led by teachers in Lama Tsultrim’s lineage and students authorized to facilitate meditation practice sessions.

We currently highlight a few items for Founder’s Day on our Online Dakini Store, including Lama Tsultrim’s books, and Greeting Card Sets showcasing the wonderful paintings that David Petit created. To browse this collection, click here »

Beginning September 17, the Feeding Your Demons® Online Course is a perfect opportunity to spend time connecting and learning with Lama Tsultrim (also the founder of the Feeding Your Demons practice). Lama Tsultrim will be offering live online teachings during this online course. To learn more and to register, click here »

We are so blessed that Lama and David’s vision has come to fruition in such a rich tapestry of Dharma offerings to the world. May Tara Mandala continue to grow, the teachings flourish, and all beings benefit!


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