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Individuation and Realization

Individuation and Realization

“Nature of mind is the most important teaching … it’s key in the core practices of the Kapala Training.”

~ Lama Tsultrim Allione
Lama Tsultrim created Kapala Training as a way to work with our ‘demons’ through Feeding Your Demons®, but more importantly, to cultivate nature of mind practice.
Why did Lama Tsultrim do this? Because that’s how 11th-century Tibetan yogini Machig Labdrön taught. Lama Tsultrim emphasizes the importance of nature of mind: “It’s what you need to know when you die. It’s what you need to know while you’re alive. And so that’s the core teaching.”
Below, we explore the key components of Kapala Training, and how it is central to the Magyu Path – a greater journey into awakening.

Nature of Mind

In Feeding Your Demons® Kapala Level I, while you are introduced to the method of Feeding Your Demons (FYD), your experiences are integrated and grounded through Prajñaparamita meditation (also known as “sky-gazing”), a nature of mind practice, where you can rest the mind. Level I is perfect for beginners, to learn simple meditations, Buddhist teachings, and how to work with your psyche.
In this 3 min video, Lama Tsultrim talks about how nature of mind is the fundamental and supporting thread through your development of self-discovery. To watch, click on the video.

Feeding Your Demons

Kapala Training is a five-level training program comprised of five retreats of increasing levels of depth and preparation designed for deeper learning and understanding about the FYD process. The training offers an in-depth exploration of the Chöd teachings of Machig Labdrön; related Mahayana teachings of Prajñaparamita; as well as the practice of FYD developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione.

The Training, and FYD in particular, is designed both for professionals, who can apply these practices to their healing work, and for individuals who wish to work deeply with their own ‘demons’ through contemplative practice. To learn more, click here »
We warmly welcome you to Feeding Your Demons® Kapala Level I (August 25 – 31) onsite retreat, which opens up your life in so many ways, and is an entry-point into the Magyu Path. To learn more, click here »

Magyu: The Mother Lineage

Machig Labdrön developed several different lineages during her lifetime, including one called the Magyu, the Mother Lineage. This lineage was unique to her as many of the practices came through her meditation experiences with direct transmissions from deities. Both men and women held these lineages. Machig’s second son, Tönyöm Samdrub, was the main lineage holder of her Mother Lineage.
At Tara Mandala, Lama Tsultrim Allione has been inspired to follow this model by introducing Magyu: the Mother Lineage Program.
If you are looking for a long-term practice path, and are new to Buddhism, this is an ideal way to cultivate your path, learning, and meditation experience. The path is suited more for those who have modern, busy lives. At it’s core is Kapala Training, which is how you develop as a Feeding Your Demons practitioner.
Also within Magyu are a host of traditional Tibetan Buddhist practices, as well as working with Mandala meditation, which Lama Tsultrim has developed. All these practices work together, as Lama Tsultrim describes, so you have an “emotional development that is happening alongside your spiritual development.”
May your journey with Feeding Your Demons and nature of mind offer deep fulfillment and realization, and benefit all beings!

~ With Blessings,
Tara Mandala

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