Prayer Requests & Sponsorships

Prayer Requests & Sponsorships

Each day at Tara Mandala we engage in dharma practice and prayers as a community.  Prayer requests are read aloud and honored at the daily community practice session. We meditate and send blessings to anyone who has requested prayers. You can join us in the interdependent connection by making your prayer request on behalf of yourself, a loved one, or world situation.

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Zhitro, Practice for the Deceased

Zhitro is a Tibetan Buddhist practice done for those who have passed away. It is traditionally done the forty-nine days after
someone’s passings. The practice is a powerful method of supporting deceased loved ones in their journey. In the practice,
blessings are sent to the deceased as purification and assistance in the process of passing on and the merit generated can aid in a fortunate rebirth.  The blessings and purification integral to the Zhitro practice can be of immeasurable benefit to the deceased.The Practice of Zhitro is done daily at Tara Mandala Retreat Center. We offer the opportunity to sponsor Zhitro Practice in honor of a loved one who has passed away for 49 days from the date of their passing.

Sponsor Zhitro Practice

Special Day Dedications

During Buddhist holidays, major life events, and any time that feels right – you can sponsor butterlamps, prayer flags, flowers for the Tara statues, and tsog offerings.

Butterlamp Offerings brighten the Tara Temple bringing light to your virtuous aspirations, including starting a new venture, celebrating birthdays or special occasions, increasing the positive energy of any action or prayer. 

Prayer Flags inscribed with prayers and mantras flutter atop Prayer Flag Ridge carrying blessings, harmony and good wishes on the wind and can be sponsored on behalf of yourself, a loved one, or a world situation. 

Flower Dedications allow you to adorn your choice of one of the 21 Taras in the Tara Temple. These offerings create an auspicious connection with Tara and her healing energy, with the richness of the sensual qualities of texture, color, fragrance, and softness that flowers invoke.

Sponsoring a Tsog provides great merit. Our weekly tsog is a profound practice for purifying negativities, accumulating merit, and strengthening one’s spiritual connection with the enlightened beings and fellow practitioners.

Ösel Nyingtig Thangka Print and Gau

During the New Year’s Eve Gala, Lama Tsultrim and Tara Mandala shared the intricate and beautiful Yeshe Tsogyal thangka hand painted by master artist Lama Gyurme Rabgye. This fine reprint is done by Giclée reproduction and is available in two sizes. 

The Ösel Nyingtig gau is a sterling silver locket that contains the printed scroll of the Ösel Nyingtig Tröma terma  Practice for Accomplishing Tröma known as Secret Primordial Wisdom  revealed by A.dzom Rinpoche at Tara Mandala in 2002. These ‘zung’ rolls have been purified with saffron water and carefully rolled up and sealed with red paint and  sit inside the gau with OM MANI PADME HUNG inscribed in Tibetan calligraphy on the outside.  According to A.dzom Rinpoche the text itself has immense blessing power and wearing it is a protection.

These items are considered restricted to those who are currently practicing the Dakini Ngondro and/or a part of the Ösel Nyingtig cycle of teachings. 

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