Leadership Values

Tara Mandala Leadership Values

Adopted by the Board of Trustees

I commit to Foster Healthy and Positive Connections between the land, the Tara Mandala practice community, the local community, sangha members, and all beings.

I commit to being an Active and Contributing Community Member. Community members are sincerely open-minded, genuinely listen, and are willing to examine their strongest convictions and faults with humility. They work to earn the respect of others within their community and go above and beyond to benefit the greater community and organization. They act on behalf of the entire community beyond just their own team or personal needs.

I commit to Conflict Resolution with compassion, by seeking out “my role” in any problem, and maintaining an open mind. If conflict arises, I commit to resolving it within 24-hours when possible. I pledge to use direct, non-violent communication with the person or people involved guided by the Communication Agreement or by requesting a facilitated meeting. I commit to holding the view that everyone has Buddha nature, everyone is suffering, and that we share the same goal to relieve the suffering of ourselves and all beings.

I commit to Being Proactive and Part of the Solution. If I see something that is “not working” or could improve, I commit to speaking up and communicating to my manager bringing constructive ideas and creative approaches of how we can improve processes as a team or community. I commit to focus on solutions and not problems, to constantly be innovating to think of creative approaches and new models to improve and develop the way we do things.

I commit to be of Service by demonstrating a commitment that extends beyond my own self-interest. I understand my job and participation at Tara Mandala are important and integral to its success and the turning the wheel of the dharma. I commit to fulfill my responsibilities understanding that it may be difficult at times. I commit to do my best and continually be searching out ways I can improve.

I commit to Actively Uphold and Preserve the Container of Tara Mandala. I commit to be active in maintaining all Tara Mandala Retreat Center values, facilities, texts, and creating a support for its Teachers and Lamas. I recognize that many people have come before me to create Tara Mandala and that many will come after me to uphold it. I will act with mindfulness of the sacred the spirits of the land and be proactive in maintaining the temple, living quarters, and community spaces for current and future generations.

I commit to Cultivating a Community that Values Diversity and to fostering a welcoming atmosphere for all people to explore the teachings of the Buddha. I commit to actively welcome those from all social identities including all races, classes, sexual orientations, gender identities, ages, cultures, and ethnicities.

I commit to Creating Happiness and the Causes of Happiness for myself and all beings. I commit to holding whatever arises lightly, to show positivity and passion, and rejoice in humor and having fun. I expect my time as a member of this community to be beneficial to myself, Tara Mandala and all beings. I commit to making my time at Tara Mandala a positive experience.

I commit to Conduct Myself with an Awareness of and Dedication to the Eightfold Path of Right View, Right Intent, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration.