Riwo Sangchö

Key Features

A practice to heal the suffering of samsara, through the practice of boundless compassion and abundant offering.

What Will I Learn?

  1. Learn the widespread and traditional practice of Riwo Sangchö – “a mountainside smoke offering.”
  2. Remove obstacles and avert negativity
  3. Ease the suffering of samsara, bring benefit to innumerable beings
  4. Focus on healing the world and removing obstacles, both in your life and globally

Who Is This Course For?

Anyone who desires to heal themselves and remove obstacles, both in your life and globally.


  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • Practice text and commentary


Refund Policy: We will offer a full refund within the first week of purchase for all courses over $50, excluding any ‘live’ programs, if you are not fully satisfied with the course.

All students of this practice must receive a “Lung” (oral transmission) in order to receive the full benefit and blessings of the lineage.  We offer this live transmission regularly and ask that you commit to receiving it at the earliest opportunity.  It is free and open to all.  For more information or to register please go here.

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Riwo Sangchö is the most widely-practiced sadhana for the Tibetan rite of sang, fragrant smoke offering. Sang is an ancient and powerful practice for purifying sickness, removing obstacles, accruing merit, and paying karmic debts. Through making offerings to the Buddhas & Bodhisattvas, Dharmapālas, Dakinis, and all sentient beings as well as to our ‘demons,’ obstacle makers, and obstructors, we are able to avert negativity and increase positive circumstances for all beings.

This particular practice was revealed as terma (revealed treasure) by the great treasure revealer Lhatsun Namkha Jigme in the 17th century as the men-ngag, or secret instruction, for his Dzogchen teaching cycle known as the Rigdzin Sogdrup (Attainment of the Life-force of the Vidhyadharas). It was through the performance of this ritual that he was able to remove all obstacles to the Dharma in Sikkim and revealed it as a secret land of the Buddha’s teachings.

Sang is one of the most quintessentially Tibetan practices in Buddhism, having been a part of indigenous Tibetan culture for millennia. While the outer benefits of creating auspiciousness and removing obstacles are most commonly spoken about, the true inner meaning of the ritual unveils profound pith instructions for Dzogchen practice. Lama Tsultrim’s intimate understanding of this level of meaning brings these teachings to life as she guides participants through the text, revealing the manifold interpretations of each line in this beautiful sadhana.

The course includes five filmed teaching sessions with Lama Tsultrim, the practice text and commentary, and instructions for how to do your own sang ritual. Course also includes instructional videos and mp3 downloads from Anna Raithel, Tara Mandala’s head chöpon (ritual attendant). You will receive a downloadable PDF text and commentary, complete with photos for fire and shrine set-up, and instructions for doing a simple practice with stick incense or incense powder.

Course Content

    1. Dusum Sangye Prayer Text and MP3
    2. Riwo Sangchö Commentary
    3. Riwo Sangchö Practice Text
    4. Riwo Sangchö Audio MP3
  2. Introduction and Seven-Line Prayer – 29m
  3. Refuge and Bodhicitta – 26m
  4. Seven-Branch Offering and Self-Visualization – 19m
  5. Main Section – 25m
  6. Protectors and Closing Prayers – 3m
  7. Setting Up Your Sang Ritual – 6m
  8. Mudras – 4m


A Lung transmission is required prior to participating in the Riwo Sangchö course.  These are given several times a year by Lama Tsultrim through webcast.

About the Teachers

Lama Tsultrim Allione

Anna Raithel