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Date & Time Details: September 13-15, 2024

Location: Kamalashila Institute, Germany

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Taming the Mind: Introduction to Calm Abiding Meditation (Shamatha) (Retreat in Germany)

With Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje

September 13 - 15, 2024

English with German Translation

On a daily basis, our minds run wild and fall victim to afflictive emotions like suffering, depression, laziness, and distractions. At the heart of the Buddhist path, training the mind is essential. The practice of Shamatha, Calm Abiding Meditation, puts special emphasis on developing one-pointed concentration as a means for developing a calm and focused mind. Shamatha is the essential practice to tame our unruly minds, so that we can bring adversity and joy into our path of awakening.

During this weekend program you will:

  • Learn Shamatha meditation by becoming familiar with one-pointed concentration techniques that use both mindfulness of breathing, as well as concentration on a meditative object and on no object (awareness of awareness).
  • Immerse yourself in the practice of Shamatha – in a supportive group environment as well as on your own – to gradually bring your mind to a state that can enable the tapping of your highest potential in your spiritual practice and daily life. 
  • Learn and discuss how to integrate Shamatha meditation practice into daily life

Who Can Attend?
This program is open to everyone.

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Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje
Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje was born in Rome, Italy in 1980 to an Italian filmmaker, Costanzo Allione, and Lama Tsultrim Allione.  Since birth, he’s been immersed in the Dharma. There were often Tibetan Lamas at home and most vacations were spent at retreat centers with Lamas such as Lopön…
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