Chöd of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche

Chöd of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche Chöd ‒ Self-Paced Program

With Lama Tsultrim Allione and Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton

Key Features

Cut through fear, fixation and clinging, by nurturing not fighting, what disturbs our mind. This Chod practice is empowered through the lineage of the Tibetan Dzogchen master, Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. Lama Tsultrim Allione and Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton are among Tara Mandala’s Teachers who have been authorized by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche to teach this Chöd practice.

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn an ancient practice for healing and transformation, as it was taught and practiced 1,000 years ago.
  • Learn directly from Lama Tsultrim, a direct emanation of Machig Labdrön, with over 8 hours of video teachings.. 
  • Study the life and teachings of one of Tibet’s most extraordinary female yoginis, Machig Labdrön.
  • Engage the mind and senses with traditional music, melody, and visualization.

Who is This Course For?

  • New and seasoned practitioners interested in the shamanic roots of Tibetan Buddhism. 
  • Completion of this program fulfills the requirement for Magyu practitioners. 
  • All students of this practice must receive a “Lung” (oral transmission) in order to receive the full benefit and blessings of the lineage.  We offer this live transmission regularly and ask that you commit to receiving it at the earliest opportunity.  It is free and open to all.  For more information or to register please go here.


  • 8+ hours of on-demand video
  • 12 video sessions of Lama Tsultrim’s teachings
  • Audio recordings of the practice
  • Video teachings of the drum, melodies and instruments
  • Support materials including how to do Chöd Tsog, retreat, and pilgrimage
  • How this practice integrates with Feeding Your Demons®.

Price: $240

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Chöd, the practice of severance, is a profound ritual for dealing with fears, illnesses, and difficult emotions. Developed in the 11th century by the great Tibetan yogini Machig Labdrön, the practice of Chöd slowly transformed from an obscure practice lineage into a cornerstone of multiple schools of Tibetan Buddhism.

The practice of Chöd is a unique blend of the Mahayana, Vajrayana, and Tibetan Shamanic traditions, with deep philosophical roots in the Prajñāparamitā (Perfection of Wisdom) literature. The practice is sung with accompaniment by a ritual drum and bell, creating a ritual environment that is rich with many layers of symbolic and energetic depth.

Chöd practitioners in Tibet were long renowned for their supreme healing capacity, especially in instances of epidemic disease. They would be regularly called upon to lead funerary activities, especially in cases when people have died from contagious disorders, due to their miraculous ability to deflect illness and work with unseen forces. While early western Tibetologists erroneously classified Chöd as a kind of wrathful “exorcism” ritual, Machig’s practice is in fact often regarded as a supremely peaceful offering rite. Instead of banishing or fighting with negative forces, Chöd facilitates the ceremonial offering of one’s own body as sustenance for the various guests included in the feast. Through this profound act of love, one’s self-clinging is undermined and awakening naturally dawns.

Instruments needed for the practice: A Chöd damaru drum, bell & vajra (Tib. dorje), and kangling (thigh-bone trumpet – optional). Please visit the Dakini Store to shop our available practice items. 

Suggested materials include: 


Great for first-time Chödpas or seasoned practitioners, this program includes teachings and practice demonstrations centering around:


  • The historical and philosophical foundations of Chöd
  • The life story of Machig Labdrön, matriarch of the Chöd tradition
  • Meaning and symbolism of the Chöd implements
  • Practice explanation (Tib. Tri) for the Chöd sadhana of Chögyal Namkha’i Norbu Rinpoche
  • Instructions for performing a Chöd retreat or pilgrimage and Tsog
  • Instructions for healing others with Chöd
  • Advice for integrating Chöd with Feeding Your Demons®


  1. Modules
      • 1 .1 Video – The Complete Chöd Practice
      • 1 .2 Audio – Guru Yoga
      • 1 .3 Audio – Chöd, vocals only
      • 1 .4 Audio – The Complete Chöd Practice
      • 1 .5 Text – Chöd (2 pages)
      • 1 .6 Text – Chöd (reduced to letter-sized)
      • 1 .7 Text – Chöd (1 page tabloid)
      • 1 .8 Text – Tibetan/English
      • 1 .9 Text – Chogyal Namkhai Norbu’s personal handwriting
    2. Module 1: The Life of Machig Labdrön
      • 2.1 In the first session of the course, Lama Tsultrim offers preliminary teachings on the life of Machig Labdrön, the 11th century matriarch of the Chöd practice lineage, and the factors that led to her development of the practice of Chöd.
    3. Module 2: The Roots of Chöd
      • 3.1 In the second session of the course, Lama Tsultrim offers more in-depth teachings on the philosophical roots of the Chöd practice, providing a more thorough understanding of how the various components of the lineage came together in Machig’s time.
    4. Module 3: Instruments and Drumming 101 
      • 4.1 Lama Tsultrim teaching video
        • 4.1.1 Before diving into instructions on the Chöd sadhana itself, it is good to spend a little time connecting with your Chöd implements. In this teaching from Lama Tsultrim, the meaning and symbolism of the Chöd instruments are explained, providing a deeper understanding of the ritual technology used in the practice of Chöd.
      • 4.2 Erik Jampa Andersson instructional video
        • 4.2.1 A Note on Instruments
        • 4.2.2 If you don’t have a Chöd drum or bell, please take an opportunity to browse our incredible Chöd selection in Tara Mandala’s Online Store. Our drums are immaculately handcrafted according to ancient tradition by Tibetan artisans in Nepal. We also offer beautiful Tibetan bells, bone Kanglings, and many other Chöd practice supplies.
    5. Module 4: Sadhana One – Invitation (Attitude)
      • 5.1 Video of Lama Teaching
        • 5.1.1 This is the first section of the Chöd Sadhana practice explanation (Tri). In it, Lama Tsultrim goes through the beginning section of the practice, in which the practitioner invites the enlightened beings to attend “the dance” of the body offering feast.
        • 5.1.2 When learning this practice, it is best to begin by viewing Lama Tsultrim’s teachings on the sadhana (feel free to take notes if you’d like), then you can pick up your drum and follow along with Lopön Chandra Easton in the practice session video. By learning the drumming, melodies, and meaning together, you can more fully connect your body, speech, and mind in the practice.
      • 5.2 Video of Lopön Chandra teaching drumming
    6. Module 5: Sadhana Two – Refuge Visualization
      • 6.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching
      • 6.2 Video –  Lopön Chandra/Drumming
    7. Module 6: Sadhana Three: Refuge
      • 7.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching
    8. Module 7: Sadhana Four: Bodhicitta
      • 8.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching
    9. Module 8: Sadhana Five: Mandala Offering
      • 9.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching
      • 9.1 Video – Lopon Chandra/Drumming – Refuge/Bodhicitta/Mandala
    10. Module 9: Sadhana Six: Guru Yoga
      • 10.1 Video – Lopon Chandra/Drumming – Guru Yoga
    11. Module 10: Sadhana Seven: Body Offering
      • 11.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching
    12. Module 11: Sadhana Eight: Post-Feast Contemplation
      • 12.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching
      • 12.2 Video – Lopon Chandra/Drumming – Body Offering/Feast/Post Feast
    13. Module 12: Sadhana Nine: The Gift of Dharma
      • 13.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching 
      • 13.2 Video – Lopon Chandra/Drumming – Gift of the Teaching
    14. Module 13: Sadhana Ten: Dedication
      • 14.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching 
    15. Module 14: Sadhana Eleven: Aspiration Prayers
      • 14.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching 
      • 14.2 Video – Lopon Chandra/Drumming – Dedication/Aspiration 
    16. Module 15: Sadhana Twelve: Mantra for Empowering the Dedication
      • 16.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching
        • 16.1.1 In this video, Lama Tsultrim provides instructions on the mantra for empowering the dedication of merit (OM DHARE DHARE…), as well as a final overview of the Chöd practice as a whole.
      • 16.2 Video – Lopon Chandra/Singing – Dedication 
        • 16.2.1 When you have completed this video, you have completed the entire Tri , or practical explanation, for this sadhana. This completes the requisite transmissions for you to engage with this practice on your own. At this stage, it is recommended that you commit to doing the practice every day for at least one month in order to have the practice (and melodies) fully sink in. Please visit the DOWNLOADS folder for audio and video downloads that you can use as a support for your practice.
        • 16.2.2 While your practice deepens, please continue through the remaining video teachings for invaluable teachings on making offerings to Protectors, performing Chöd Tsog, Nyensa pilgrimage, and more.
    17. Module 16: Chöd Pilgrimage
      • 17.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching 
    18. Module 17: Chöd Tsog
      • 18.1 Video – Tara Mandala community tsog 
    19. Module 18: How to do a Chöd Retreat
      • 19.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching 
        • 19.1.1 Lama Tsultrim offers teachings on performing a Chöd retreat using this Chöd text.
    20. Module 19: Chöd as a Practice for Healing
      • 20.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching 
      • 20.2 Lama Tsultrim shares teachings on using Chöd to heal others, as well as her own personal experiences of using “Chöd eyes.”
    21. Module 20: Feeding Your Demons® & Chöd 
      • 21.1 Video – Lama Tsultrim teaching 
      • 21.2 Lama Tsultrim shares a brief explanation of Feeding Your Demons®, the five-step process developed by Lama Tsultrim based on the ritual of Chöd, as well as instructions for integrating Feeding Your Demons® with Chöd.

If you are unfamiliar with Feeding Your Demons® and would like to learn more about the practice, we highly recommend registering for Feeding Your Demons® Online Training Program: Level I. In this course, students will learn all of the essentials for FYD, including instructions for working with art, Hydra complexes, and societal demons.

  • All students of this practice must receive a “Lung” (oral transmission) in order to receive the full benefit and blessings of the lineage.  We offer this live transmission regularly and ask that you commit to receiving it at the earliest opportunity.  It is free and open to all.  For more information or to register please go here.
  • No prerequisites

Lama Tsultrim Allione

Lopön Chandra Easton

Erik Jampa Andersson (assistant teacher for Chöd demonstration video)