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Solitary Retreat Cabin Descriptions

Retreat cabins at Tara Mandala provide a rare and precious opportunity to be completely secluded and alone in a remote mountain setting. Here you are free to maintain intensive practice and connect with your innermost being. The retreat cabins have been created through the loving kindness, generosity, and hard labor of many people.

All of our cabins are well suited for year-round practice, as they are completely insulated and have small wood-burning stoves.


Karuna is nestled into the south side of our northernmost east-west ridge on the land. This 200 square foot wood cabin has sweeping mountain views with Ekajati Peak and the Tara Shrine in the foreground. The wraparound, hardwood deck is a great place for yoga or meditation. There is a woodshed to protect firewood, which is provided. Inside, the cabin holds a twin bed, a wood burning stove, a kitchen with oven and four burner stove, small propane refrigerator, a strong water filtration system, and limited solar power. Secluded and serene, Karuna facilitates inner stillness and is an ideal location, especially for long retreats. Access to Karuna is a steep 1/3 mile walk uphill.

Two Trees

Two Trees is located higher into the south side of our northernmost east-west ridge than Karuna, it features a stunning view of Ekajati Peak from a hillside of majestic Ponderosa Pines for which it is named. The hardwood deck provides the perfect outdoor meditation spot while the inside has been described by departing retreatants as “the perfect size” for a solo retreat. The cabin has a wood burning stove and woodshed containing firewood, which is provided. This cabin has a twin bed and kitchen with oven and four burner stove, small propane refrigerator, a strong water filtration system, and limited solar power. Access to Two Trees is a steep, winding, ½ mile walk uphill.


Ratna, our largest and most remote cabin, faces south into the ‘Secret Valley.’ There are large windows on three walls, featuring sweeping views of the South and West. About 350 square feet, there is plenty of room inside for yoga, tai chi, and other movement meditations. There is a choice of meditation seats at a full length window looking out over the valley (perfect for mornings or just after sunset), or facing the altar. Inside, there is an oven and four burner stove and limited solar electricity. This cabin is notable for the unparalleled silence and solitude, far removed from the world. Access to Ratna is a steep, winding, ½ mile walk downhill. Note: Ratna is not accessible November through May unless you are a hearty winter hiker.

Luminous Peak

Luminous Peak is conveniently located slightly closer to the road for those who are less able to carry gear and groceries a long distance. The hike in is less than ¼ mile when snow or rain prevents driving. It is, however, still very private. The nearly 180 degree views from Luminous Peak are stunning and living up to its name, luminous. Small and very cozy, Luminous Peak has a wood burning stove, a small refrigerator, a counter top propane stove, and solar electricity. With its own water source, a good water filter, and a compost toilet located on the deck behind the cabin, this is a comfortable place to do retreat. The ample south facing deck also provides great opportunities for outdoor meditation in warmer weather.

Dragon’s Nest

Perched at the end of a ridge south of Tara Mandala’s temple, this beautiful retreat cabin has almost 360 degree views of forest and Ute land for hundred of miles. Beautifully constructed of local trees, wood, and a beautiful shade of red plaster, this cabin is a real gem and perfect for serious practitioners and sky gazing.