Special Needs

Special Needs

Tara Mandala Activities take place in a wilderness setting where rescue and medical services and internet and telephone access are limited. Hazardous conditions may also exist, such as extreme weather conditions, steep hillsides, wildfire and wildlife.

The environment at Tara Mandala includes rough terrain, unpaved roads, and rustic facilities. The retreats require walking (hiking) between the temple and the community building (about a 15 minute hike uphill) at 7400 foot elevation.

If you have a health condition or are aware that you may require medical care we recommend that you not participate in a retreat. We do not have the appropriate staff or facilities to accommodate medical needs other than normal first aid and emergency response.

Physical disabilities and chronic illnesses

For people with disabilities, Tara Mandala provides reasonable accommodation in accordance with the American with Disabilities (ADA) within Tara Mandala’s capacity as a wilderness retreat. You may request reasonable accommodations specific to your limitations in relationship to the demands of participation in the retreat for which you are applying. Tara Mandala’s decision to provide such accommodations is made in accordance with legal requirements. Please send all requests for reasonable accommodation to our Registrar on this page at least six weeks prior to the retreat that you wish to attend.  You may also note that an increasing number of our retreats are becoming available online, in an effort to provide education and opportunity to all individuals who are unable to attend for a variety of reasons.

  • Anyone with physical disabilities/limitations in need of assistance will need to bring a personal assistant.
  • Anyone with special needs around day-to-day self-care will need to bring a personal assistant.
  • Anyone who is unable to walk between buildings will need to be able to drive their own vehicle, have an all terrain wheelchair or have an assistant and vehicle for transportation.
  • Wheelchair accessibility is limited to the ground floors of our buildings. The Temple has an elevator to the second floor.  The third floor, Dharmakaya, is not wheelchair accessible.

Hearing Impairment:

Our amplification system is called “Listen In”.  We have devices with headphones that may be used when the retreat is being amplified.  Please note:  Not all retreats are amplified.  When a retreat is held on the third floor of the Temple in Dharmakaya, there is no amplification and therefore no hearing device.

These devices are only for those who have hearing impairment.

Environmental Sensitivities:

We make an effort to accommodate those with environmental sensitivities but we cannot guarantee freedom from chemical and fragrance irritants. For example, we burn incense and use candles in the Temple.

Retreat Center laundry is washed with fragrance free products and cleaning products are as natural as possible given health and sanitation guidelines. Given that each person’s sensitivities are unique, we cannot provide a fragrance/chemical free space for all. Please bring a mask if needed.

Emotional/Psychological Difficulties:

Tara Mandala programs may involve various meditations involving psychological and/or spiritual exercises that could sometimes bring up intense emotions.

Retreats are not meant as a substitute for psychotherapy. Retreats can be emotionally demanding and physically strenuous. We recommend that if you are currently receiving psychotherapy, please inform your therapist of you intend to participate in a retreat.

Questions: Please contact the registrar for more information on this page, or call (970) 731 – 3711, ext 108.