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2023 Retreat Season

“When we stop grasping, wisdom is there … a sense of groundedness, being on the earth, and you can trust that.”

~ Lama Tsultrim Allione, from her book Wisdom Rising

As we welcome in the Tibetan New Year, and reflect on everything we have been through in recent years, we see that while suffering is endless, so too is our wisdom. How is this helpful? Because it informs us to trust in our basic human capacity to experience a sense of groundedness that can alleviate suffering and engender well-being in ourselves and others.
Holding this sense of growth and possibility in our hearts, we announce our 2023 retreats. We invite you to consider taking time to develop your inner sources of abundance and give yourself space in your life to be grounded and natural, just as the earth is. The intention of our practice offerings are to help us all become our best selves during these times of crisis, war and turmoil. And also during our moments of joy, clarity and ease.
Please join us to deepen your practice path together with others and, as Lama Tsultrim says, “appreciate the richness of every moment.”
Browse these 2023 offerings below.

Onsite Offerings

The Four Immeasurables: Awakening the Heart of Enlightenment

With Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje • June 23 – 28 • Onsite Retreat in Colorado

A powerful inner journey with simple yet extraordinary practices to develop genuine care and compassion for ourselves and for all beings. Learn Tonglen and the Four Immeasurables (Loving-kindness, Compassion, Equanimity, Sympathetic Joy), strengthening altruistic motivation and cultivating the mind of enlightenment … Read more »

Skymind: Sacred Land, Sacred View

With Dorje Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam and Lopön Pieter Oosthuizen • July 21 – 26 • Onsite Retreat in Colorado

Come together on the beautiful land in Colorado, contemplating luminous verses from Machig Labdrön, bringing to life the ground of being and the nature of awareness as we meditate in wild, sacred spots and integrate our perceptions with the raw elements of nature. Learn how to bring these verses and learnings into everyday life … Read more »

Ösel Nyingtig Gathering (USA)

With Lama Tsultrim Allione and Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje • August 4 – 10 • Onsite Retreat in Colorado

Launching our inaugural, Ösel Nyingtig Gathering, on the land in Colorado. A long-awaited opportunity to connect in-person with our cherished sangha and to dive deeply into the teachings of this cycle, while immersing ourselves in the natural beauty of the surrounding environment … Read more »

Online Offerings

Returning to Our Roots – Voices of the Sacred Feminine in Early Buddhism

With Wendy Garling • March 25 – 26 • Virtual Retreat

Drawing from early Mahayana and Pali texts from multiple Buddhist traditions, learn about our shared foremothers – the first daughters, mothers, sisters, and wives on their spiritual journey during the time of the Buddha, as well as the wisdom and animated presence of goddesses in the natural world … Read more »

Unwinding the Body, Breath, and Mind into Presence: Anatomy of Meditation

With Arturo Peal and Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton • May 6 – 7 • Virtual Retreat

A weekend of fun and relaxation into therapeutic experiences that will help you find ease, comfort, and joy in your meditation practice. Learn how you can adapt your meditation seat and posture so that meditation is a place of refuge and nourishment for body and soul … Read more »

Honoring Mothers in the Refuge of Practice and Sangha

With Gena McCarthy RN, MFT • May 13 • Virtual Daylong

A workshop designed for mothers, aunties, grandmothers, caretakers and meditators, to offer a place of rest and transformation within the embrace of our practice and community. We will fortify connection to ourselves, our families and our communities … Read more »

Taming the Mind: Introduction to Calm Abiding Meditation

With Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje • May 20 – 21 • Virtual Retreat

At the heart of the Buddhist path, training the mind is essential. In this retreat we will become familiar with Shamatha and other one-pointed meditations, serving as practice to tame our unruly minds, so that we can bring adversity and joy into our path of awakening … Read more »

Heart Essence of Profound Meaning: A Chöd Study Intensive

With Lama Sarah Harding • May 27 – June 17 • Online Study Intensive

We will delve into the teachings The Heart Essence of Profound Meaning, the root of most of the later instructions on Severance (Chöd), the enactment of the perfection of wisdom. Lama Sarah Harding will provide in-depth instructions based on this comprehensive commentary, as well as providing historical background and context … Read more »

Sutrayana – Walking the Path to Genuine Happiness

With Lopön Polly Ryan, MA, MFT • June 1 – 7 • Virtual Retreat

Join Polly Ryan for this foundational and immersive 7-day online program, as we follow the journey of the Buddha to enhanced wisdom, inner peace, and joy. This was a very human journey of trial and error, of choice and consequence, which brought him into uncharted spiritual and philosophical territory … Read more »

Minding the Gap: Inner Exploration of the Six Bardos

With Lopön Robin Gayle • July 15 – 16 • Virtual Retreat

Learn about, and how to be able to recognize, the bardos, which are known as intervals, transitions, or in-between states. We will learn to use such moments to relax into uncertainty and discover the inherent power of luminous emptiness that is always present … Read more »

Ösel Nyingtig Cycle: Yeshe Tsogyal Sadhana

With Lama Tsultrim Allione and Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje • August 5 – 9 • Virtual Retreat

We will continue to go deeper into the dakini world of Yeshe Tsogyal. This practice offers us the potency of blessings so that we can completely overcome all the deluded appearances of samsara and nirvana without exception by bringing forth naturally occurring primordial wisdom and great bliss … Read more »

Ösel Nyingtig Cycle: Special Instructions of the Exceedingly Secret Tröma – Part 1

With Lama Tsultrim Allione and Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje • August 7 – 10 • Virtual Retreat

We will begin to offer the Special Instruction on the Exceedingly Secret Tröma, known as the Perfection of Secret Primordial Wisdom, a special method for accomplishing secret primordial wisdom. This will be followed by the first of five instructions for purifying deluded awareness and appearances … Read more »

The Wakeful Body: Yoga and Meditation as an Integrated Path

With Lama Willa Blythe Baker • September 6 – October 11 • Online Course

We will explore the body as a domain of practice and wisdom, diving deep into the physical, energetic and cognizant dimensions of experience. Through dharma instruction, contemplative yoga and study, we will learn how to bring awakening from the realm of ideas into the truth of embodiment … Read more »

One Ground, Two Paths, Two Results: A Buddhist Meditation, Yoga, and Shadow Work

With Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton • September 23 – 24 • Virtual Retreat

Buddhism teaches that when we split from the “ground of being,” we can either take the path of remembrance or forgetting. We will practice meditation to cultivate positive mental states that enable us to experience our true ground and to gain confidence and maturity in it. We will complement this with shadow work through Feeding Your Demons practice … Read more »

The Empowered Feminine

With Dorje Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam and Catherine Bell • September 28 • Virtual Daylong Workshop

Catherine and Dorje Lopön Charlotte share their insights and experiences, and invite you to connect directly with your empowered feminine, to address questions such as: What does the empowered feminine mean? How can we change our costume? How do we access an innate sense of worthiness and fearless confidence? How do we take our seat with compassion, free of arrogance? How can we come back to our own hearts? … Read more »

Zhitro Daylong Practice Intensive

With Lopön Polly Ryan, MA, MFT • September 30 • Virtual Daylong

The practice of Zhitro offers a real way for a practitioner to help the deceased. This daylong intensive is an invitation for anyone who has been doing this practice on their own to come and receive further support and deepening of these teachings, the visualizations and experiences that arise when doing this practice, engage in group practice, and ask questions … Read more »

Wisdom Rising: Journey into the Mandala of the Empowered Feminine

With Lama Tsultrim Allione and Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton • October 12 – November 30 • Online Course

Journey into the Mandala of the Five Wisdom Dakinis. Learn the development of the feminine in Buddhism, the mandala principle, the fierce feminine of the dakinis, the five Buddha families, and several transformative meditation practices. Enjoy pre-recorded teachings with Lama Tsultrim Allione and four live webcasts with Dorje Lopön Chandra Easton, to ask questions and receive guidance along your journey … Read more »

Green Tara

With Dorje Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam • October 19 – 22 • Virtual Retreat

In this retreat you will receive the transmission (Tib. Lung) of Green Tara practice and learn how to perform deity visualization, mantra recitation, mudras, musical offering and feast offering. This will be a great opportunity for new and old students alike to deepen their understanding and knowledge of Green Tara … Read more »

We look forward to you joining us for these 2023 offerings.

~With Blessings,
Tara Mandala

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