Ösel Nyingtig Retreats

Ösel Nyingtig

We are offering the Ösel Nyingtig as a multi-year program for dedicated practitioners who desire a profound and direct path to realization based on the three-fold secret of the Great Mother. See below the upcoming retreats and events connected to this cycle and check this page for more information about this path.

January 2024

This three-day virtual retreat is intended for members of the Ösel Nyingtig Cycle. Students will receive Tröma Nagmo’s ultimate practice of Chöd (known as the ‘Self-Liberation of Ego Clinging) as revealed by A.dzom Rinpoche at Tara Mandala. This practice teaches us how to cultivate the supreme form of generosity.

Jan 19 - 21 2024
Tulku Ösel Dorje
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