Introduction to the Ösel Nyingtig Path

Introduction to the Ösel Nyingtig Path

Padma Sambhava, also known as  Guru Rinpoche, was a great yogi from the secret land of Oddiyana. This exalted 8th century master was vital in establishing Buddhism in Tibet. One of the unique methods he used during his time was the hiding of teachings called treasures, or termas, to be discovered in future times. There are many different types of termas but most termas can be condensed into three main categories: earth treasures (sa ter), pure vision treasures (dag nang), and mind treasures (gong ter).  An earth terma may be hidden in the earth, water or air and is a physical object such as a text or ritual instrument.  A pure vision treasure appears as words in space and is written down. A mind treasure appears directly within the mind stream of the treasure discoverer.

The tertön is the name given to those who reveal termas and in general they are reincarnations of the twenty-five heart disciples of Padma Sambhava.  The prophesied tertöns appear during times of strife to offer practices appropriate for that time. The terma tradition ensures that the teachings remain fresh to aptly address the needs of each time period.

In the 8th century the Tibetan princess of Karchen, Yeshe Tsogyal, who is considered the mother of Tibetan Buddhism, was instrumental in helping her extraordinary teacher and consort Padma Sambhava to conceal the termas.  In the 11th century, she would reincarnate as Machig Labdrön, the founder of the Chöd practice. 

A.dzom Paylo Rinpoche is a Tulku (reincarnation) of Trisong Detsen, who was the king of Tibet at the time of Padma Sambhava. Trisong Detsen was one of the main recipients of Padma Sambhava’s teachings.  A.dzom Paylo Rinpoche is a prolific tertön in this life and one of his extensive terma cycles is the Ösel Nyingtig, the Heart Essence of Luminosity. This extraordinary cycle connects us not only with the luminous presence of Guru Rinpoche, but also with Yeshe Tsogyal.  Parts of this profound cycle were revealed at Tara Mandala from 2002 through 2007. Often termas are revealed but kept secret for a certain period of time as was the case with these sublime treasures that we are beginning to teach in 2020.

Now that the period of secrecy has been lifted, A.dzom Rinpoche has requested some of his close disciples to begin to transmit the teachings that he revealed at Tara Mandala, including  Lama Tsultrim Allione and her son Tulku Ösel Dorje who was recognized and enthroned by A.dzom Rinpoche, as a reincarnation of Yudra Nyingpo, a great yogi who was also present at the time of Padma Sambhava and the heart disciple of the great translator Vairotsana.

We are excited to begin this cycle for there are many extraordinary predictions contained within this terma that foretell the fortunate ones who will practice it will reach realization and achieve the rainbow body.  With unwavering devotion to the Lama, in the summer of 2020, we will start to teach these two new practice cycles from this profound wish fulfilling dharma treasure known as the Ösel Nyingtig. These teachings on the Luminous Great Perfection that come from the Ösel Nyingtig, are the very enlightened intent of the Buddhas of the three times and carry incredible blessings for swiftly traversing the path to enlightenment. In the years that follow other practices connected to Ösel Nyingtig will be taught annually according to A.dzom Rinpoche’s instructions.  As A.dzom Rinpoche said: “The blessings of these treasures are so fresh that the warm breath of the Dakini is still upon them!”

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