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Date & Time Details: December 16, 2022 - December 18, 2022

Location: Online - Zoom

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Nurturing the Unseen: Buddhism and the More-than-Human World (A Winter Solstice Celebration) – VIRTUAL RETREAT

With Erik Jampa Andersson

December 16 - 18, 2022

In this Virtual Retreat, Erik Jampa Andersson (author of the forthcoming book Unseen Beings, to be released by Hay House in Spring 2023) will guide participants through the vast and fascinating web of the more-than-human world. Throughout history, our perceptions and relationships with non-humans both seen and unseen have profoundly impacted what it means to be human. In the Buddhist tradition, these beings are identified not as supernatural forces of ultimate good and evil, but as other natural sentient beings seeking emancipation from suffering. 

As human beings living in the 21st century, we are faced with a highly unusual set of circumstances. For the first time in our planet’s history, an animal has gone from being a mere participant in the world to becoming a formidable geological agent, akin to the meteor that wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago. Our devastating impact on the world around us in the Anthropocene, largely motivated by greed, is made possible only through a deeply disconnected and blindly anthropocentric worldview. 

In this retreat, we will begin to break down our myopic human-centeredness to embrace a far more complex, vibrant, and enchanting universe, recognizing that it is only through cultivating right relationship with the beings around us that we can begin to turn towards authentic balance. At this important seasonal juncture, we will take the opportunity to not only turn inward but also outward, towards the many forms of life with whom we share this remarkable planet. 

Guided by the teachings of acclaimed masters like Machig Labdrön (1055-1154) and Yuthok Yönten Gönpo (1126-1202), we will explore how Tibetan visionaries applied Buddhist ethics and philosophy to ancient paradigms of ecology, health, and spirit relations in the Himalayas. We’ll see how unseen beings, rather than being established as ‘gods’ or ‘demons’, are simply presented as other sentient beings with whom we need to maintain healthy and balanced relationships. Failure to do so, according to Tibetan Medicine, can lead to a wide range of medical and ecological consequences including outbreaks of infectious disease and compromised communal and mental health. These ancient insights are perhaps more relevant today than ever before, as humanity grapples with the power and consequences of widespread industry and environmental exploitation.

While many of the so-called ‘unseen beings’ to be discussed are conventionally ‘invisible’, many others are unseen only as a result of our biases and perceptual limitations. Responding to ground-breaking scientific research on non-animal intelligence, we will critically explore the apparent absence of plant and fungal sentience in Buddhist cosmology, and discuss the historical factors that may have influenced this omission. We’ll also see how animistic paradigms persisted against a backdrop of doctrinal silence in many Buddhist societies, including Tibet, and how these positions are bolstered by modern scientific research. 

It’s only when we perceive the vast array of life around us as meaningfully alive that we can begin to move towards a more comprehensive, personal, and relational understanding of interdependence. To foster a deeper sense of relationship, we will explore the many available practices and rituals for establishing and maintaining benevolent relationships with the non-human world. These rituals, while often overlooked in the wake of ‘secular’ Buddhism, offer invaluable tools for contextualizing and responding to the ecological crises that face our planet.

This retreat is a highly special opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.



Who Should Attend? 

  • This is open to everyone.

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Listed times are the online portions of the retreat. All times are Mountain Time. 
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Friday, December 16:
7:00am-8:00am MT: Opening Teachings (2-3pm GMT)
10:00am – 12:00pm MT: Teachings (5-7pm GMT)
1:00pm – 3:00pm MT: Teachings (8-10pm GMT)
4:00pm – 5:00pm MT: Practice/Activity (11pm-Midnight GMT)

Saturday, December 17
7:00am-8:00am MT: Teachings (2-3pm GMT)
10:00am – 12:00pm MT: Teachings (5-7pm GMT)
1:00pm – 3:00pm MT: Teachings (8-10pm GMT)
4:00pm – 5:00pm MT: Practice/Activity (11pm-Midnight GMT)

Sunday, December 18:
7:00am-8:00am MT: Teachings (2-3pm GMT)
10:00am – 12:00pm MT: Teachings (5-7pm GMT)
1:00pm – 3:00pm MT: Closing Session (8-10pm GMT)


Erik Jampa Andersson
Erik Jampa Andersson is a practitioner and instructor of Sowa Rigpa (Traditional Tibetan Medicine) and the Yuthok Nyingthik. He is a graduate of the Shang Shung Institute of Tibetan Medicine, where he received a comprehensive training in the Four Tantras (rGyud bZhi) of Tibetan Medicine, and is currently completing an MA in…
Learn more about Erik Jampa Andersson

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