Magyu Testimonials

“Magyu has allowed me to bring rich Dharma teachings and practices into my life. It has given me the ability and confidence to work with everyday challenges and past traumas, which is beneficial to me and the people around me. The opportunity to learn from a revered teacher and integrate it into my daily life has been such a great gift. I’m so grateful for the community and the retreat center itself, which is a beautiful and powerful place to retreat.”

Maureen Rakel, Mother and Retired Software Engineer

“The Magyu program continues to respond to my longing for a way home through the sacred feminine by providing a rich treasury of wisdom and skillful means for the journey. This path supports opening in the way of lotus petals that, nourished from murky depths, gradually unfold in sky’s light. Mother Lineage dances me in and out of time, and challenges and overturns perception. The rigor and relaxation of practice invite space, release ingrained patterning, and quicken the transformation of mind and heart.”
Mary Flowers, Teacher of English Learners, Elementary Level, Mindfulness Teacher

“The Magyu path has created an oasis in my life. I feel I am on a journey that is both deeply personal and well supported by a community that embodies and celebrates feminine wisdom. I am so grateful.”
Susan Szpakowski