Hear from our Living Dharma Apprentice Program Participants

What Our Participants Have to Say

“When I walked into the Temple, I knew I was where I needed to be. The Taras took my breath away. As I began helping around the Temple I had that feeling of having been here before – not in this very Temple, perhaps, but something felt incredibly familiar and, for lack of a better word, strangely right…I wept when the time came to leave.”
Brenda Proudfoot, Former Retreat Manager at Tara Mandala

“Tara Mandala is truly a luminous jewel. While participating in the LDAP program, I’ve deepened my own Buddhist practice, worked wholeheartedly while acquiring practical and specialized skills, and shared in amazing moments with new friends from across the globe. The cuisine is deliciously creative and healthy. The land is true to Colorful Colorado. And the Dharma practiced here is authentic and timely.”
Matthew Cannella, Filmmaker