Tara Mandala Retreat Center

Tara Mandala Retreat Center

Tara Mandala’s retreat center in Pagosa Springs, Colorado offers the opportunity to receive teachings and enter into deep retreat whether in a group or in solitude. The majority of group retreats occur in the summer while personal retreat in one of our retreat cabins is available year-round.

April 2024

Come to Tara Mandala in Colorado, offer your skills in a hands-on way and be part of the living legacy of Tara Mandala, enabling us to continue to be a place of refuge, practice, and learning for practitioners from around the world.

Apr 13 - 27 2024
North America
May 2024

We invite you to join us in a week-long retreat at Tara Mandala in Colorado as we connect with the luminous compassion of Green Tara. The retreat will include transmission and detailed instructions on the Green Tara practice, as well as time for contemplation and discussion to integrate the teachings into our lives.

May 03 - 08 2024
North America
Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje , Dorje Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam

The traditional roles of Chöpon and Umdzé are an integral part of every lineage of practice. In this retreat, students will have an opportunity to receive training with devoted Buddhist practitioner and Tara Mandala’s Head Chöpon, Anna Raithel, on this rich and intricate field of study where all questions and skill levels are welcomed!

May 11 - 15 2024
North America
Anna Raithel

Feeding Your Demons® Kapala Level I is a simple, profound process in which practitioners transform their demons into protective allies through a sequence of illuminating questions and visualizations. The process employs principles of the Tibetan Buddhist practice Chöd as articulated by Machig Labdrön.

May 24 - 29 2024
North America
Lopön Pieter Oosthuizen
June 2024
July 2024

We invite you to join us at Tara Mandala in Colorado for a profound opportunity to learn Chöd: from Chögyal Namkhai Norbu with Lama Tsultrim Allione (joining virtually) and Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer, M.S. (in-person). Students will receive teachings on the entire Chöd practice (melodies, instruments, and visualizations).

Jul 03 - 08 2024
North America
Lama Tsultrim Allione , Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer, M.S.

The great Tibetan yogini, Machig Labdrön, advises, “rest in your nature.” In that aspiration, we invite you to join us in retreat with Dorje Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam and Lopön Pieter Oosthuizen, where learning meets practice and ancient wisdom guides the way to live with an open heart in an ever-changing world.

Jul 11 - 16 2024
North America
Dorje Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam , Lopön Pieter Oosthuizen

These teachings are restricted members of Ösel Nyingtig program. Tulku Ösel Dorje will give the 2nd Part of the teachings on the Special Instructions of the Exceedingly Secret Tröma to students of the Ösel Nyingtig program who have maintained the practice samaya for: Dakini Ngöndro, Yeshe Tsogyal, and Tröma Nagmo sadhana.

Jul 27 2024 - Aug 01 2024
North America
Lama Tsultrim Allione , Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje
August 2024

Join Lama Tsultrim and the Tara Mandala community as we joyously commemorate our 30-year anniversary. This celebration includes rituals honoring Tara Mandala’s founders and teachers, music and dancing, practicing together, and culminates in the auspicious offering by Lama Tsultrim of Machig Labdrön’s Empowerment.

Aug 02 - 04 2024
North America
Lama Tsultrim Allione

In this special year marking the 30th Anniversary of Tara Mandala, we celebrate the sacred and powerful land that is the home of the Magyu lineage. This is a special time to gather with fellow Magyu sangha members for practice, teachings on the Mandala, and cultivate the beautiful connections of sangha.

Aug 05 - 09 2024
North America
Lama Tsultrim Allione , Dorje Lopön Charlotte Rotterdam , Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer, M.S.

Join Osho Zenju Earthlyn Manuel and Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer for the profound experience of Opening to the Dark Earth™ where we will commune with the land at Tara Mandala, be guided through the eight gateways of darkness, and receive the blessings of the shamanic Tibetan Buddhist practice of Chöd.

Aug 11 - 17 2024
North America
Osho Zenju Earthlyn Manuel , Lopön Karla Jackson-Brewer, M.S.
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