Training Programs and Paths to Certification

Training Options

There are two options to learn the Feeding Your Demons® (FYD) process for anyone who wishes to engage with their own ‘demons’ through contemplative practice: The Kapala Training Program and the Feeding Your Demons® Online Program.

Both options are also designed to provide a path to certification (upon passing an examination and completing specific requirements) for psychotherapists, mental health professionals, coaches, counselors, and facilitators to use the practice in one-on-one facilitation to help others. Please see The Paths to Certification below for more details.

The Kapala Training Program is a five-level training program track offering an in-depth exploration of the Chöd teachings of 11th century Tibetan yogini, Machig Labdrön; related Mahayana teachings of Prajña Paramita; as well as the practice of Feeding Your Demons® developed by Lama Tsultrim Allione. This training is centered in the application of Lama Tsultrim Allione’s Feeding Your Demons® method combined with contemplative Buddhist practices and teachings. This track may appeal to individuals who wish to delve both into the method while also supporting and deepening their understanding and practice within the Buddhist tradition.

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The Feeding Your Demons® Online Program is a two-level training program, followed by an optional Certification Level.

Through compelling content and practice assignments, participants engage in a journey of increasing levels of personal transformation and an ever-deepening understanding of the power of the Feeding Your Demons® process. The training is designed both for professionals, who can apply these practices in their work upon certification, and for individuals who wish to work with their own ‘demons’ through contemplative practice.

Participants also have a choice between a Buddhist Track and a Secular Track:

  • The Secular Track is intended for participants who want to dive deeply into the Feeding Your Demons® method without engaging in Buddhist spiritual practices.
  • The Buddhist Track may appeal to individuals who wish to delve into the Feeding Your Demons® method while also supporting and deepening their understanding and practice within the Buddhist tradition.

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The Path to Certification

Both the onsite and online FYD Programs could lead to a certification for the use of the process with clients in a professional setting. The certification is ideal for therapists, coaches, counselors, and other facilitators who desire to add a powerful technique to their professional toolbelt.

Please note that only fully certified Feeding Your Demons® Psychotherapists and Facilitators can use the method to assist other individuals on a one-on-one basis. Completion of FYD Online Level I and II or completion of the Kapala Training does not grant authorization or permission to facilitate or use the process with other individuals or with groups. It is only for personal use. Please check here for an important clarification on facilitation for individuals versus groups.

If you intend to get certified for Feeding Your Demons®, you will need to do the following:

  • Complete an application for certification
  • Complete either FYD Online Levels I and II (Buddhist or Secular Track) or Kapala Training Level I and II (Onsite).
  • Complete the FYD Certification Level. The Certification Level consists of completing the online Capstone Retreat.
  • Provide documentation (Tracking Forms), in addition to FYD Level II prerequisites, showing that you have completed:
    • 20 solo and 15 partner sessions (both yours and your partner’s tracking form makes one partner session)
    • 10 solo and 10 partner Extended Ally processes
    • 10 special Facilitator Tracking Forms to be completed with 10 volunteers who have never experienced the FYD process before
  • Complete the online Capstone Retreat showing that you can effectively guide someone through the process.

Important Differences between Kapala Training and Online Training

  • Kapala Training involves primarily in-person, residential retreat opportunities to deepen learning of the practices while the FYD Online Program is an online-based program that offers the benefit of learning the practice virtually for those who are unable to attend a residential retreat due to location, physical disability or other circumstances.
  • FYD Online offers both a Buddhist and a Secular Track, whereas Kapala Training offers only the Buddhist Track.
  • Kapala Training Levels I through V are a foundational part of the Magyu: The Mother Lineage program at Tara Mandala. Please note that the Buddhist Track of FYD I & II Online corresponds with Kapala Training Level I & II and therefore qualifies as Magyu Path requirements.
    FYD I & II Online: Buddhist Track could also be taken interchangeably with Kapala Training I & II, provided the required assignments have been completed.

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