What People Are Saying

“I have participated in the Gateway program for five years now. It has profoundly changed my life. Being given access to these precious teachings in a structured and progress format has been a great gift. Having the support of sangha, teachers and, of course, Lama la…well…there are no words. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to participate.”

L. Treasure, Sign Language Interpreter

“By committing myself to practice for two hours a day, I started on a path that has activated a REAL process of stripping away what’s false in my life. The commitment has necessitated a lot of distraction falling away, and the outcome is a reorientation of my value system and my way of being in the world. Seven years into the practices, I feel a great deal of inner simplification and clarity. I am constantly touched by the deep psychological wisdom in these ancient processes and the way each step catalyzes the next layer to open. The feedback that comes from life in the world becomes part of this dialogue. During my time in the program, I have experienced deeply disorientating personal tragedy and loss, but I was able to relax into the groundlessness by staying with the process and through the support of Lama and the sangha. In this way it became a doorway to understanding the true groundless state of awareness.”
Rosemary Bourne, Acupuncturist