Introduction to the Ösel Nyingtig Program

“The blessings of these treasures are so fresh, the
warm breath of the Dakini is still upon them!”
~A.dzom Rinpoche

Introduction to the Ösel Nyingtig Program

In this 3 minute video, recorded in late 2019, Lama Tsultrim Allione and her son Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje introduce the Ösel Nyingtig Program. Click here to view a more in-depth video introduction »

This recently revealed terma cycle on the Luminous Heart Essence of the Great Perfection, the Ösel Dzogpa Chenpo Nyingtig, is the very enlightened intent of the Buddhas of the three times. This treasure carries incredible blessings for swiftly traversing the path to enlightenment. This extraordinary cycle connects us not only with the luminous presence of Guru Rinpoche, but also with Yeshe Tsogyal. We are offering the Ösel Nyingtig as a multi-year program for dedicated practitioners who desire a profound and direct path to realization based on the three-fold secret of the Great Mother.

This revelation manifested ‘due to the necessities of these times’ and there are many extraordinary predictions contained within these termas that foretell of fortunate disciples who will reach realization and attain the rainbow body through the Ösel Nyingtig. It has been a closely guarded practice by those who initially received it in 2002. However, now that the seal of secrecy has been lifted we are excited to share with the sangha these teachings that have been so dear to our hearts.

With unwavering devotion to A.dzom Rinpoche, in the summer of 2020, Lama Tsultrim Allione and her son Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje started to teach the profound dharma treasures of the Ösel Nyingtig. Each year, those who have committed to the Ösel Nyingtig cycle receive further teachings and practices from it. Throughout the year there are Zoom calls with the teachers as well as monthly group practices with senior practitioners, and webcasts with the tertön himself when possible.

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Short Overview of the Ösel Nyingtig Cycle

There are two cycles within the Ösel Nyingtig: The First Cycle focuses on Yeshe Tsogyal starting with the Dakini Ngöndro. The Second Cycle begins with a Tröma Nagmo sadhana and culminates with the Secret Instructions (Dzogchen) of Tröma.  A special Tröma Chöd can be learnt in either of the two cycles.

The First Cycle (Yeshe Tsogyal)

The Dakini Ngöndro focuses on the dakini Yeshe Tsogyal in her Dharmakaya form. In this practice we also encounter Samantabhadri, Prajñāpāramitā, Tröma Nagmo, Machig Labdrön, and Tara. This is not an ordinary Ngöndro. This revelation on Yeshe Tsogyal contains the secrets of the Great Mother – Prajñāpāramitā. 

During the following year we will offer the Yeshe Tsogyal sadhana, The Means for Accomplishing White Tsogyal. This practice has the potency to bless us so that we can completely overcome all the deluded appearances of samsara and nirvana without exception by bringing forth naturally occurring primordial wisdom and great bliss.

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The Second Cycle (Tröma Nagmo)

In 2022, for the first time, the recently revealed Tröma Nagmo Empowerment along with the liberating instructions will be offered by Lama Tsultrim Allione and Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje. The sadhana practice for Tröma Nagmo known as Secret Primordial Wisdom from the Ösel Nyingtig is completely permeated with the Dzogchen view.

Together with the The Special Instructions on the Exceedingly Secret Tröma this is a complete path for accomplishing secret primordial wisdom based on the fierce black dakini Tröma Nagmo (Krodhakali).

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Upcoming Ösel Nyingtig retreats

Who is A.dzom Rinpoche?

Born in 1971 near Chamdo in Eastern Tibet, A.dzom Paylo Rinpoche is a living siddha widely seen as one of the greatest Dzogchen masters in Tibet today. He is also recognized as a reincarnation of King Trisong Detson, Vimalamitra, Jigme Lingpa, and Ngari Panchen. An extraordinary prodigy from a young age, A.dzom Paylo Rinpoche began his studies at the age of five and undertook full-time retreat at eleven. At his teacher’s request, Rinpoche began teaching Dzogchen in 1984 when he was 13. A.dzom Rinpoche is famous for his one-on-one Dzogchen instruction and his powerful energetic transmissions. Today he teaches regularly at his monastery and throughout Tibet and China on texts and practices from the major liturgical traditions within the Nyingma lineage, especially The Essence of the Vast Expanse (Longchen Nyingtig). He taught for many years at Tara Mandara where he made many prophecies, performed miracles and where he first revealed the Tröma from the extraordinary Ösel Nyingtig.

History of the Ösel Nyingtig

In the winter of 2002, during the Khandro Khegyang Chöd retreat in the original canvas yurt gompa at Tara Mandala before there were any buildings, in the midst of many auspicious signs, A.dzom Rinpoche began to reveal the Ösel Nyingtig terma cycle. The exalted Practice for Accomplishing Tröma known as Secret Primordial Wisdom was the first of several Ösel Nyingtig termas to be revealed at Tara Mandala by A.dzom Paylo Rinpoche. In the years that followed more termas on Tröma were revealed. The teachings found within the Ösel Nyingtig have been practiced in secret by those who initially received them. 

In 2007 while Rinpoche was visiting Yeshe Tsogyal’s birthplace, Tsogyal Lhatso in Central Tibet, at that time Yeshe Tsogyal actually revealed herself to Rinpoche. The texts that center around Yeshe Tsogyal were later decoded when A.dzom Rinpoche was at Tara Mandala in 2007 at the behest of Lama Tsultrim Allione, and were transcribed with the help of Tulku Ösel Dorje. 

After eighteen years of secrecy, A.dzom Rinpoche has requested Lama Tsultrim Allione and her son Tulku Ösel Dorje to begin to transmit the teachings that he revealed at Tara Mandala.

Please watch this 22 minute video, recorded in late 2019, introducing the Ösel Nyingtig Program with Lama Tsultrim Allione and her son Dorje Gyaltsab Tulku Ösel Dorje: