Ösel Nyingtig FAQs

Ösel Nyingtig FAQs

No, the upcoming Dakini Ngondro retreat is open to anyone who would like to attend. If you are interested you can register here.

This ngöndro could really be a lifelong practice. This practice is estimated to take from 1 to 1.5 hrs per day.

For those in the program, after completing a full year of samaya, those continuing with the Yeshe Tsogyal cycle will receive the Yeshe Tsogyal sadhana to practice for a year. It is recommended and highly encouraged, however, to continue to do the Ngöndro (or at least read the text) before doing the sadhana.

In this practice, one’s progress is not evaluated on the basis of accumulating hundreds of thousands of recitations but rather on one’s meditative experiences and the time one invests.

Yes. Tulku Osel and Lama Tsultrim also teach in Europe (Germany, Italy and Poland). Also Anne Klein (Lama Rigdzin Drolma) and Harvey Aronson (Lama Namgyel) are teaching this in Texas through Dawn Mountain.

The teachings in this retreat are suitable for anyone who has had several years in Vajrayana practice. Some familiarity with teachings on Prajñaparamita, Chöd, and Green Tara is highly recommended. This practice, however, is open to anyone who has a heartfelt intuitive connection with the Ösel Nyingtig and is inspired to do this practice which offers a complete path to awakening.

We encourage any member of our Magyu program to first consult with their personal Kalyanamitra in order to determine readiness to undertake the practices that form part of the Ösel Nyingtig cycle. Being a student in two different cycles (i.e. Magyu and Ösel Nyingtig) simultaneously should not be taken lightly, but it is possible. After consultation and with the support of your Kalyanamitra, you will need to attend the Dakini Ngöndro retreat to receive the ngöndro teachings. You must submit a formal application, be interviewed, and accepted. 

For current members who choose to remain in Magyu in addition to joining this new program, please know that you will be charged a combined fee of $500 for both programs starting at the time that you are accepted to the Ösel Nyingtig program (this reflects a $200 discount for being part of both lineages).

After submission of your application we will notify you that your application has been received within 2 business days. Please contact us on this page for any questions pertaining to your application.

For membership payment status, please contact us on this page. For other membership related questions, please contact us on this page.

No, but there is also no ongoing support, access to additional content, or webcasts, etc.

There is the opportunity to apply for a scholarship (based on need) to cover part of the annual fee, but the monthly donation cannot be waived.

We highly recommend that anyone looking to gain a stronger foundation in Buddhism attend our foundational retreats that we are planning to offer online: 

  • Walking the Buddha’s Path to Genuine Happiness (formerly Sutrayana)
  • Opening the Heart of Compassion (formerly Mahayana)
  • Vajrayana

These retreats provide the appropriate foundation to then receive further teachings in Vajrayana Buddhism including the teachings in the Ösel Nyingtig cycle.

It is recommended that Ösel Nyingtig participants complete our Three Yanas retreats in the first three years in the Ösel Nyingtig cycle. These retreats give a rich and necessary historical and practice framework for your path.

Walking the Buddha’s Path to Genuine Happiness (formerly Sutrayana) – ONLINE

Opening the Heart of Compassion (formerly Mahayana) – ONLINE

Vajrayana – ONLINE


We expect to offer the Dakini Ngöndro retreat at Tara Mandala again in 2022.  After the retreat you will be given the opportunity to apply for the Yeshe Tsogyal cycle (First Cycle). 

Click here to be notified of the next opportunity to learn the Dakini Ngöndro »

Similarly, we expect to offer the Tröma Empowerment and teachings for the practice of Tröma in 2022 for those who have done the Yeshe Tsogyal practices (Dakini Ngöndro and the Yeshe Tsogyal Sadhana) or have finished another Ngöndro. You can read more on the The Exceedingly Secret Tröma cycle (Second Cycle) here.