Machig Labdrön’s Four Demons & Feeding Your Demons Meditation, MP3


Lama Tsultrim Allione teaches on the Four Types of Demons as taught by the 11th Century yogini Machig Labdrön who founded the Chöd lineage in Tibet.  Lama Tsultrim introduces the concept of “feeding” not “fighting” that which ails us. She dives into “demons” such as fears, self-hatred, relationship issues, addictions, illnesses and depression, and the possibility of shifting from battling to nurturing. She demonstrates see how this approach transforms the demon energy into that of an ally, thus liberating oneself from the tension inherent in repressing our demons. You will learn the five steps of the Feeding Your Demons practice as Lama Tsultrim Allione leads you through a guided meditation. Questions and answers are included. This is a perfect teaching for students wishing to deepen their practice of Feeding Your Demons or who are studying Chöd.

Audio Length, 4 hours

Downloadable MP3 File,  175MB

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