• Commuting – $400.00
  • Prajna 3-Bed Female Dorm/Family Room – $540.00
  • Prajna Double – $725.00
  • Prajna Queen Shared-Bed – $875.00
  • Prajna Queen Single – $1,225.00
  • Temple Camping – $400.00

Date & Time Details: This retreat begins with a mandatory registration period from 2pm to 4pm on the first day and ends after lunch on the last day.

Location: Tara Mandala Retreat Center

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P’howa: Transference of Consciousness Retreat

With Drubpön Lama Karma

September 19 - 23, 2019

In this retreat, Drubpön Lama Karma will offer teachings and instructions on the extraordinary Vajrayana method of transference of consciousness at the moment of death. The skillful means of the P’howa practice allows us to direct our consciousness out of our body and into the exalted state of the enlightened mind.

In Tibetan Buddhism, a Lama would perform P’howa for someone dying, at the request of the family and friends. Drubpön Lama Karma will provide instrumental commentary on the four types of P’howa:

  • Superior transference to the Dharmakaya
  • Middling transference to the Sambhogakaya
  • Lesser transference to the Nirmanakaya
  • Transference through substances

P’howa ensures that we will not die in a state of spiritual uncertainty, drifting helplessly in the bardo after death. This practice provides a consummate method to help others when they die. This retreat is open to everyone.

Suggested Dana: $200 – $250


Drubpön Lama Karma
Venerable retreat master (Drubpön) Lama Karma was born in eastern Bhutan and joined the Long-Nying Chöling Monastery at a young age. His root teacher was Lama Naljorpa, the great yogi of Mahamudra and Dzogchen, from whom he received numerous vows, empowerments, instructions and oral transmissions, including the Chöd Rinchen Trengwa…
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