Terms & Conditions for FYD Certification

Getting certified

Participation in the Certification Level alone will not guarantee certification as Feeding Your Demons® (FYD) Facilitator. Successful certification relies on passing the test offered during the onsite Capstone Retreat. Tara Mandala reserves the right to refuse certification.

Maintaining your Feeding Your Demons® Certification

There are certain requirements and benefits associated with maintaining your FYD Certification. Please note that the requirements are essential in order to maintain the authorization to use FYD in a professional setting. 


Membership Fee

Facilitators are required to:

  • Pay an annual FYD Facilitator Membership fee of $35 to Tara Mandala.
  • Please note the first year of membership after graduating from the Certification Level is included in tuition.
  • The first payment of the annual fee will be due one year after getting certified.


Facilitators are required to:

  • Participate in an interview with a designated teacher once every three years. These interviews are an opportunity to discuss questions and applications of the process with a senior teacher. 
  • Be prepared for a retest, if required by the teacher, during the interview. For any such test the Facilitator has to show that they can guide someone through the process by memory without using the text.
  • Pay a fee of $50 to the teacher for the interview or to retake the test.
  • If a retest is failed, a second test will be arranged soon after. If the second test is also failed, the Facilitator’s authorization to use FYD will be suspended. Tara Mandala reserves the right to require further training from the Facilitator in order to reinstate their certification. 
  • During suspension, the Facilitator’s contact information will not be displayed in the FYD Facilitator Online Directory (see below under benefits).



  • Tara Mandala will offer exclusive annual webcasts for FYD Facilitators that will include talks on the latest developments, research, and best practices regarding FYD, and an opportunity for Q & A. 
  • Webcasts will be led by designated Senior FYD Teachers and/or Lama Tsultrim Allione. 
  • Facilitators are encouraged to attend at least one webcast seminar a year. 

Online Directory Listing

  • All Certified FYD Facilitators will have their contact information displayed on Tara Mandala’s high-traffic website in the FYD Facilitator Online Directory (if desired).

Pausing your Certification

  • Facilitators can pause their FYD certification for a requested amount of time. The written request should be directed to the FYD program coordinator. 
  • The original 3-year interview cycle will continue during the pause, unless the pause exceeds the time that is left before the next interview. In this case an interview will be required at the end of the pause, and the 3-year interview cycle will reset on that date. 
  • If the certification is paused for more than five years, Tara Mandala reserves the right to require further training from the Facilitator. 

Facilitator’s Terms of Use 

Certified Facilitators are required to sign a Terms of Use agreement with Tara Mandala.

The Facilitator shall:

  • Use the Feeding Your Demons® method to facilitate and guide only individuals or couples on a one-on-one basis.
  • Not engage in facilitation of groups in any form or setting unless explicit authorization and training has been given by Lama Tsultrim Allione and Tara Mandala.
  • Not teach others how to facilitate the Feeding Your Demons® process.
  • Represent their credentials accurately, informing clients if the certification is under review or suspension.
  • Not work with individuals experiencing severe trauma, abuse, or have a history of suicide, if Facilitator is not a licensed psychotherapist or psychologist.
  • Not hold Tara Mandala, its staff, or Lama Tsultrim Allione liable for any malpractice while using the process with a client.

Content and Delivery

The Facilitator is solely responsible for the effective facilitation and representation of the process. The actual content of the facilitation, or the representation thereof, shall conform to the material provided and as specified during the Facilitator’s training. 

Code of Ethics

Tara Mandala recognizes that the Facilitator’s role is a position of power and leverage. As such, the Facilitator agrees to uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity in their conduct when using the Feeding Your Demons® method.

Copyright Use 

Tara Mandala maintains copyright and license for the materials and process. The Facilitator shall

  • Adhere to copyright standards regarding Feeding Your Demons®. 
  • Give due credit to the originator Lama Tsultrim Allione when presenting the technique in any detail, such as on a website or in a blog post.
  • Use the official full title of the process for all advertising and marketing, and that title is “Feeding Your Demons® Process.” 
  • Refer to themselves as either a “Certified Feeding Your Demons® Facilitator,” or “Certified Feeding Your Demons® Psychotherapist.”

Tax responsibilities

The Facilitator is solely responsible for all taxes, withholdings, and other statutory, regulatory, or contractual obligations of any sort.

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