Financial Commitment

Magyu Financial Commitment

The financial commitment for those in the Magyu Program is to be a continual member of Tara Mandala at the level of Supporting Member ($30) a month or higher. Membership also entitles you to store and retreat discounts according to the level of membership you hold. Magyu students are also asked to make an annual tuition offering of $350 by January 31 in order to support the program, webcasts, text development and other program costs. Your initial tuition payment is due two weeks after being formally accepted into the program. Students will also make Dana offerings to their teachers and Kalyanamitra in gratitude for teachings and guidance as is customary.

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Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is available for those in need for Magyu Program retreats as well as the Magyu Program Annual Fee. Click on the link below to apply.

Please note that the Sustaining Sangha membership requirement is not applicable for financial assistance. Also any discounts from any level of Sustaining Sangha membership will not apply if receiving a scholarship or deferred payment plan.

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