Ösel Nyingtig Program Commitments

Ösel Nyingtig Program Commitments

Upon acceptance into either cycle of this program, the financial commitment includes:

  • Payment of an annual administrative fee of $350 due June 2021 and after being formally accepted into the program. This amount will be charged to your account annually. This fee covers administrative costs, translation of relevant texts, text editing and preparation, webcast administration and group oversight.
    • If you are a member in another long term program through Tara Mandala (Magyu or Gateway), please know that you will be charged a combined fee of $500 for both programs starting at the time that you are accepted to the Ösel Nyingtig program (this reflects a $200 discount for being part of both lineages).
  • Becoming a Sustaining Sangha member at $30/month or higher. Membership offers an assortment of benefits including: 5% discount on one retreat annually, 5% discount in the Dakini Store, access to special content including teachings by Lama Tsultrim, and much more.
    • This monthly donation to Tara Mandala supports our year-round programming and activities. It is tax deductible according to the tax laws of your country.
    • For those that have the financial capacity to become a Sustaining Sangha member now, we encourage you to do so to help Tara Mandala offset current costs during this COVID-19 crisis. 
    • Students under 25 years of age may sign up at $15 per month until they are over 25, at which point they will be asked to increase their donation to $30 or higher per month.
    • For those over the age of 65 who are living on a fixed income, you may be eligible for the $15 per month level. However, if you have the capacity to give at a $30+ level, we strongly encourage you to do so as these donations are crucial for covering Tara Mandala’s operational needs.
  • You are required to cover the costs of your annual group retreat(s) which will usually be one per year.
  • You will be asked to offer Dana to teachers.

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Participation in this program includes:

  • Scheduled group teaching and practice sessions throughout the year with Tulku Ösel Dorje.
  • Lama Tsultrim and Tulku Ösel Dorje will offer Q+A sessions several times during the year.
  • Access to a members-only website portal with important supplementary material.
  • Regularly scheduled group support sessions facilitated by an authorized Kalyanamitra, or Spiritual Friend.
  • One-on-one support provided as needed, via email or video phone calls.

Financial Assistance

Once accepted, if you have financial hardships that make these financial commitments challenging, you can apply for a scholarship to help cover the annual administrative fee. We do not want financial challenges to prevent anyone from participating. 

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